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SIEMENS VersiCharge — 22kW — 3x32A — Type 2

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Product Information

  • Adjustable charging current between 6A / 18A / 16A / 24A
  • 7 meter cable in total
  • Time controlled charging- Delay button with 2/4/6/8 hours
  • Simple installation- separate wall bracket

Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 3-fas 1-fas 400V 230V  32A 22kW effekt Justerbar 7 Meter kabel

SIEMENS VersiCharge is a modern charging station with a functional design. It is easy to handle, creating an optimal solution for use in garages or in private and semi-public parking lots. The charging station is IP56 certified, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The charging box has been developed for electric cars and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and is supplied with a 7 meter long charging cable with a type 2 plug that fits all European cars, (for example Tesla Model S, Volkswagen e-Golf and Mercedes B-class).

Easy Installation and Security

SIEMENS VersiCharge is supplied with a separate wall bracket that makes wall installation simple and quick. The charging station has the ability to adjust the charging current between 6A / 8A / 16A / 24A which means that the charging station can be easily adapted to the course it's being installed on. The charging station monitors the internal temperature in the box and will automatically reduce the amperage if it gets too hot, ensuring your safety.

Practical Functions

Charging starts as soon as the charging plug is connected to the car, however, the charging station has the option of a timed charging delay which can be adjusted in a two-hour step (2/4/6/8 hours). This makes it easy to postpone charging until the electricity tariff lowers. A practical LED display shows the current battery status during charging, and LED indicators on the top right and left side of the cabinet show charging status in real-time from a distance. 

Ground-Fault Circuit Breaker

New regulations (NEK 400:2014-722 standard) require that all new current courses to be used to charge electric vehicles must have a ground-fault circuit breaker type B. This charging station needs a separate ground-fault circuit breaker type B installed in the fuse box. This can be purchased here, (her). You can read more about why you need a B protection here, (her).

Assembly/ Installation

After receiving your charging station from us, you can easily install it by contacting one of our installation partners, (installasjonspartnere) or your local electrician. Upon agreement our partners will visit you for an inspection and will provide a price quote for installation that best suits you and your particular case.

Instructions for use for SIEMENS VersiCharge can be found under the "Questions and Answers" tab.


Suitable for e.g. electric cars and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) such as:

According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.

Use ladeguiden (our charging guide) if you are unsure if this product suits your plug-in hybrid or electric car.

Technical Details

Cable Length
7 meters
Charging Plug
Type 2
Number of Phases
1 / 3
1,4 - 22kW (6A - 32A)
Operating Voltage
230V / 400V (IT/TN)
On/ off button
Light grey (RAL 7035)
Charging Standards IEC/EN 61851; IEC/EN 62196-2; IEC 60364-1; IEC 60947
Ground-Fault Protection None
Operating Temperature -35°C - 50°C
Measurements H 40,7cm x W 36,9cm x D 16,6cm
Weight 6 kgs
Origin Germany
Security/ Protection Class IP56
Installation Performed by an authorized electrician
2 years


Questions and Answers

Is there an installation and user manual for SIEMENS VersiCharge? 

Below you will find both an installation and user manual for VersiCharge.

Engelsk Charge Amps SPARK BrukermanualInstallasjons- og brukermanual - SIEMENS VersiCharge




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SIEMENS VersiCharge — 22kW — 3x32A — Type 2

SIEMENS VersiCharge — 22kW — 3x32A — Type 2

7.922 kr