Tilskudd til ladeinfrastruktur i sameier og borettslag — Viken fylkeskommune

Viken County Council has established a support scheme for charging infrastructure in condominiums and housing associations. There is an ongoing application deadline.

The grant scheme is one of the measures to strengthen business and social life in Viken as a result of the corona crisis. This has now been discontinued.

About the scheme

Viken County Council has established a support scheme for charging infrastructure in condominiums and housing associations. The purpose is to help more people get the opportunity to charge electric cars at home. The support scheme will help to cover costs in connection with upgrading the electricity infrastructure in the housing companies' parking facilities.

The grant scheme was adopted by the county council in Viken on 26 March 2019. NOK 3 million has been set aside for the scheme in 2020. Additional funds will be considered depending on demand.

Who can apply

  • Housing associations, condominiums and garage associations associated with these can apply about support.
  • Private individuals, government building owners, municipal operators and companies that rent out parking spaces can not apply for grants.
  • Building under construction can not apply for grants.

Award criteria

  • The support scheme finances the development of the electricity infrastructure that enables charging in the housing association's car parks. No subsidy is given for the actual charging point in the individual car park. Together with the application, a price offer from the supplier must be attached, showing the costs of the charging infrastructure.
  • The grant must have a triggering effect for the implementation of the measure and the work must therefore not be started before a commitment to grant has been made.
  • Only fixed installations that the housing association or condominium itself owns can be supported.
  • The scheme does not cover upgrading the transformer station. In many cases, it will be possible to install control tools that mean upgrading the transformer is not necessary and this is covered by the grant scheme.
  • Electrical work must be confirmed by an authorized installer
  • The subsidy can amount to a maximum of 20 per cent of approved investment costs, and limited to NOK 5,000 per charging point that is provided for. The maximum grant amount per housing association or condominium is NOK 250,000.
  • The project can also be financed by other public actors, e.g. the municipality. The total share of public funding cannot exceed 50 per cent.
  • If there is a need for an investigation of the electrical system, an external adviser can be contacted before applying for a grant. Costs for external consultancy and planning can be included in eligible costs of up to NOK 10,000. The advice must be independent of the supplier.
  • NB! You must apply for and be granted support before you order materials and services, or enter into an agreement with a supplier.

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