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Easee Base — Charging Pole




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Note! Can only be installed by a registered installation company.
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Product Information

Easee logo
  • Elegant and robust pole for free-standing installation of Easee charging stations
  • Cable entry below for hidden cable routing
  • Powder-coated black with integrated cable suspension
  • Pole for single or double charging stations

Easee Base has been developed and made in Norway for an elegant and fine solution for free-standing assembly of Easee charging stations. The post is made of steel that has been treated with a strong and scratch-resistant powder coating in a black finish that gives a quality impression. Integrated cable suspension ensures that the cable hangs neatly. Easee Base is available in three different configurations- choose between one, two or four charging stations on the same pole.


Easee Base - One Way - Elbilgrossisten Easee Base - Two Way - Elbilgrossisten Easee Base - Four Way - Elbilgrossisten
One-way Two-way Four-way


The base has an adapter plate which means that the post has the option of 45º rotation intervals.

Bunnplate / adapterplate - Easee Base - Elbilgrossisten

The post has a strong and scratch-resistant powder coating, which ensures long durability and integrated cable hooks (only available for 1-way and 2-way setups).

Easee Base - Two Way - Kabeloppheng - Elbilgrossisten


Series connection of Posts
With the Power Rail connection rail, several charging posts can be connected in series which enables easier installation on larger outdoor parking facilities. Power Rail supports the connection of up to 4 charging stations on one and the same pole due to the patent pending and unique connection system.


Easee Base - Power Rail - Elbilgrossisten


Made in Norway- for Norwegian Weather conditions.
Developed and manufactured in Norway. In this way, the products are tailored for Norwegian homes and Norwegian conditions.


According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


Technical Details

Material Rust free steel/ Aluminum
Strong and scratch-resistant powder coating
Accessories Integrated cable hook (for 1-way and 2-way)
Max Cable Size
Max Ø22mm / 10mm² Cu
Impact Resistance
Measurements H: 1500 x W: 156 x D: 70
20 x 20 for bottom plate/adapter plate
8,5 kg
Certifications CE
Warranty 5 years


Questions and Answers



We are proud of our products and it is important for us that you, as a customer, are satisfied. That's why we give you a 2 year warranty on the vast majority of our products- with the exception of consumer goods.  Look for the warranty logo to see what applies to this particular product. Our warranty means that this product should function as expected through it's entire warranty time. (In addition to your rights under the Consumer Goods Act). Read more about this warranty in our purchase conditions kjøpsbetingelser.





Easee Base - Enkel - Easee Ladestasjon - Elbilgrossisten

Easee Base — Charging Pole

4.995 kr3.895 kr