Give your employees with rechargeable electric vehicles the opportunity to start the working day with a fully charged car. We install a charging station that gives the company or the employee a full overview of the electrical consumption and thus the employee can get a refund for the electricity costs.
Employees can also charge the car for private use, guests or other electrical vehicles on the same charging station. This is easily logged via two separate charging tags, one for work and one for private use.
We take care of the entire process from inspection, installation and assembly, as well as support and follow-up if something unexpected were to occur.


The online portal provides control for the employee and the company on chips, power consumption, reports, status of the charging station(s), access control and payment solutions. It must be stable, simple and intuitive.

Stability and Support

A stable and reliable charger with a high uptime is very critical when the employee is dependent on charging their car. You will also receive follow-up and support if something unexpected were to occur.

User Access

The employee can easily lock the charging station to prevent misuse. With several rechargeable vehicles, you can easily separate charging between private and work with two different key fobs.

Can the employer cover the electrical costs when charging the company car at the employee's home?

(1) Can the employer cover the electrical costs of the employee when the electrical vehicle (company car) is charged at home?

Yes, the electricity expenses can be covered without it entailing any form of extra private taxation. However, the employee must document the electricity costs associated with charging the company car, e.g. via own electrical meter.

(2) Can the employer cover the cost of a charging station at the employee's home tax-free?

No, the costs will be considered taxable wages and all that entails. This applies regardless of whether the employee has a company car or not. The reason is that the measure increases the value of the home.

(3) Is there additional tax if the employee charges the vehicle at the workplace?

No. The employee can charge the vehicle at the workplace without incurring any additional tax. This includes charging points that are rented or made available to the employees. 

(4) Can the employer cover the costs of charging at public charging points and fast chargers tax-free?

Yes, as long as it is the company car that is being charged and the costs can be documented, the employer can cover/reimburse the employee for the expenses tax-free.

(5) As an employer, can we get a deduction for the costs of purchasing, installing  and operating the charging points at the workplace?

Yes, these costs are deductible and the electricity costs can be deducted continuously. Expenses related the the purchase and installation of charging station(s) can be written off by up to 20% each year (balance group d). Cable routing etc. in the building from the fuse box to the charging station can be written off at up to 4% each year (balance group h). The same applies to buried cables outdoors and up to stand-alone charging stations, as well as foundations and pillars for the charging station(s).


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