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Easee Charge Lite Charge Box — 11 kW — 32A/1+3-phase — Type 2 contact




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Product Information

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  • Universal charging station compatible with all electric cars
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway — designed to withstand the Nordic climate, including rain, snow, humidity, and frost
  • Supports all electrical grids (IT, 230V/1+3-phase, TT, and TN 400V) and all current strengths (6-32A)
  • Reliable and forward-thinking charger for home charging
  • Local Bluetooth control ensures a reliable connection
  • 5-year warranty — Safe and reliable

Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 lading 400V 230V 3-fas 1-fas 6-32A ladestrøm - Elbilgrossisten 1,4-11 kW ladeeffekt DC-RCM modul 6mA Lastbalansering

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The Universal Charging Box for Home Charging
The Easee Charge Lite charging station is compact, lightweight, and smart, yet powerful enough to quickly charge your car as it supports up to 11 kW. The charger intelligently adapts to all electric vehicles, supports all amperages (6-32A), and is compatible with all electrical systems (IT, 230V/1+3-phase, TT, and TN 400V).

The Easee Charge Lite supports the following amperages and charging powers (kW):

Electrical System / Voltage Amperage (A) Number of Phases Maximum Power (kW)
IT / TT — 230V 32A 1-phase 7.4 kW
IT / TT — 230V 28A 3-phase 11 kW
TN — 400V 32A 1-phase 7.4 kW
TN — 400V 16A 3-phase 11 kW


It will automatically detect if your vehicle supports 1-phase or 3-phase charging. The charging box is equipped with a Type 2 connector, enabling all rechargeable vehicles to charge using the correct charging cable.

Easee Home ladestasjon - Funksjoner - Elbilgrossisten

Intelligent Safety
Easee is passionate about safety and has therefore integrated it with 40 sensors that continuously monitor changes in current strength, voltage, temperature, humidity - all to ensure you can charge safely.


Temperature monitoring - Temperature sensor - Easee Charge Lite - Elbilgrossisten


With a self-testing residual-current device and critical fault alerts, the charging box has the latest safety mechanisms to make charging even safer.

Automatic self-testing - Automatic self-test - Easee Charge Lite - Elbilgrossisten


The built-in protection is automatically reset every time the charging cable is disconnected from the charging station. This reduces downtime and the need for support and maintenance. It will also automatically alert and interrupt the charging if something goes wrong. The charging station automatically restarts after a power outage.


Always Updated Charging Box
The charging station is continuously updated with the latest features via our over-the-air (OTA) software updates. This means you have invested in a secure and forward-thinking product.


Over the air updates (OTA) - Easee Charge Lite - Elbilgrossisten


Reliable Local Control with Bluetooth®
With the new Bluetooth functionality, you can control and monitor your charger locally without relying on cloud services or internet connectivity. Cloud services will be available via subscription.

Forward-thinking — Easy to Install and Scalable
Easee Lite's charging system allows you to add multiple charging boxes as the communication between the boxes is wireless. Installing additional charging boxes in an existing setup only requires one type A residual current device in front of each charging box.

With the Easee Installer App, you can quickly configure the charging box by programming the backplate via the NFC chip.

Dynamic Load Balancing and Phase Balancing

Easee Lite fully utilizes the available electrical capacity with dynamic load balancing across all charging stations, ensuring you always receive maximum charging. Load balancing supports up to 3 units per system and will function offline. Load and phase balancing optimizes the power available for charging and:

  • Monitors the charging system's available charging current
  • Ensures that the available charging current is distributed and used evenly
  • Does not overload circuits or exceed set limits
  • Balances the power and phases of the charging stations

The load and phase balancing operate through proprietary wireless technology that doesn't require additional infrastructure (cabling), cloud connection, or internet.

The first charging station configured acts as the primary unit (master) in the system. The subsequent units (secondary) communicate with the primary unit, enabling automatic distribution of available capacity among all connected devices.

The charging boxes feature a soft start for charging, ensuring the circuit isn't overloaded when charging begins, thus avoiding tripped fuses due to high and brief current surges.

Smart Charging
New Advanced Measurement and Control Systems (AMS), also called AMS electricity meters, mean that in the future we will have to pay for the electricity billed hourly. Easee Charge Lite is smart and gives you the opportunity to charge your car(s) when the electricity is at its cheapest, at the same time that you always get a fully charged car for departure. Likewise, you can easily override the smart charging and start charging immediately if you need to use the car in a couple of hours. You can easily switch between smart and fast charging in the app or by touching the touch sensor on the charging box.

Easee Home ladestasjon - Smart lading - Elbilgrossisten

Charging with solar energy
When you pair your Easee charging box with an Easee Equalizer, you can charge your car with clean and renewable energy. Either without power from the grid or a combination of both, while balancing the energy supply and demand in the power grid.


Easee Charge Lite + Solar Panels - Elbilgrossisten

Functional design
With an award-winning Scandinavian design, the charging station is easy to use and has many practical features:

  • Replaceable charging unit makes it easy to upgrade or replace when necessary.
  • 45-degree angled Type 2 connector makes it self-cleaning and protrudes less from the wall.
  • Thermal cooling improves power output and avoids noisy fans.

The charging box is very small and lightweight and is just as comfortable on the outside of the building as inside a garage. Designed to withstand the Norwegian climate with its changing weather conditions and is IP54-certified.

Easee Home charging station - Dimensions and specifications - Elbilgrossisten

User Access
You can activate access control on Easee Charge Lite with an Easee Plus subscription so that it must be activated through NFC/RFID or the Easee app. This prevents unauthorized persons from charging at your charging station(s).

Measuring Power Consumption
The built-in power meter in each charging station gives you control and an overview of power consumption via the app or the Easee cloud (requires Easee Plus subscription). You can easily create consumption reports for each user or charging station. This means that you can easily have several users at one charging station and still fairly distribute the electricity costs.

The charging station comes with an app that makes it easy to keep track of consumption, lock and open the charging cable, and schedule charging. More functions will come over time so that you always have full control over your Easee charging station. The app is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Easee App - Elbilgrossisten 

Freedom to choose a color
The charging station is delivered in black, but there's an option to purchase other covers to match your car or house.

Easee Home - Front deksler - Farge - Elbilgrossisten


According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company.


Technical Details

Charging Connector Type 2 contact, female (IEC 62196-1/2)
Charging Mode Mode 3
Number of Phases 1 / 3
Power Supply 6-32A
Max Charging Power 11 kW
Power Grid IT (230V) and TN (400V) (automatic detection)
Charging Current Continuous (1A) adjustment between 6A-32A (1.4 - 11 kW)
Operating Voltage 230V - 400 VAC
Frequency 50 hz
Energy Consumption <1 W standby
Fuse Max 40A
Earth Fault Protection Built-in electronic earth fault protection A (30mA) + 6mA DC-RCM / RDC-PD (IEC 62955:
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Authorization RFID/NFC, 13.56 Mhz / Application
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
Bluetooth 4.3
Telecommunication e-SIM - 4G/LTE
Communication Protocols Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.3), WiFi, RFID/NFC, and OCPP 1.6
3rd Party Integration Options OCPP 1.6 over 4G/WiFi and API
Functions Load balancing up to three charging boxes
Support for wireless load balancing of the main fuse
Energy measurement
Soft start
Sensor Pressure sensor - manual adjustment of charging power and smart charging adjustment.
Light sensor - automatic LED brightness adjustment
Energy Control Ready for smart homes
Energy Measurement Integrated energy meter in the charging station with +/- 3% accuracy on current and voltage
Theft Protection Electronics (charging unit / charge berry) can be deactivated and tracked in case of theft.
The electronics can be locked to the back plate with a hidden padlock.
The charging cable can be locked to the type 2 connector.
Software Updates Automatic download (included)
Protection Class IP54
Fire Protection UL94
Impact Resistant IK10
UV-Protection UV resistant
Isolation Class II (4kV AC and 6kV impulse, isolation)
Overvoltage Class >III (4kV)
Measurements 194 x 256 x 106 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Standards and Approval IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22
Radio Equipment Directive 2014/ 53/EU
ROHS directive 2011 /65/EU
Warranty 5 years


Questions and Answers


How do I gain access to the WiFi interface?
1) Connect your phone to the charging robot's shared WiFi network. If the phone does not find shared WiFi networks, you must hold down the touch button for 5 seconds. You need to turn off and on the power to the charging robot to access the installation menu if the WiFi network for installation is not available.
2) Type in the browser.
3) Log in using the pin code located on the front of the charging robot/electronics.

If you can't log in, try with a different phone. On some phones, you might also need to turn off the WiFi+ setting.

Why do I only get the user menu with two choices when I connect to the WiFi interface?
To access the installation menu, the power to the charging robot must be turned off and on again. After that, the WiFi interface will display the installation menu, but this is only active for a short period.
Note: There might be differences between the WiFi interface and what you see in the user and installation guide, as new functionalities will be implemented continuously.

How do I connect the charging robot to my local WiFi network?
If you have older software, you need to connect it where 4G is available first, and then update the software.


Is it safe to have the cable entry at the top of the charging robot and can it be left outside?
Yes, the product has been developed for cable entry from the top, as it has been taken into account that water can enter if the gaskets do not seal completely against the cable.

Will other connected protections affect the charging station's functionality?
No, it's recommended that an external ground fault circuit breaker type A be installed on the charging circuit in compliance with current regulations. The protection in the charger will neither be affected by nor influence the function of other external protections.
While there's no technical issue with a forward-connected earth fault protection type B, the only theoretical occurrence is that the type B protection in the cabinet might trip before the one in the charger does.
The built-in protection in the charger is electronic and turns off the power to the electric car if it detects a DC leakage current of 4-6mA and/or an AC leakage current of 20-30mA.
This is meant to provide some level of selectivity in the system, so that an external type A protection will typically not trip in the case of a ground fault (AC and/or DC). To easily reset the electronic protection in the charger, simply unplug and plug the charging cable from and into the electric car's charging port.

Access Control, Availability and Security

Can I lock my charging robot so that it is inaccessible to others?
Yes, this can be achieved with an Easee Plus subscription.

Can I permanently lock the Type 2 cable to my charging robot?
Yes, this is done via the local user interface or via the App.

I cannot get out my charging cable. What can I do?
Push/press the plug in, then press the touch button for 2-3 seconds. Alternatively, you can lock/unlock via the user menu by holding the touch button for 5 seconds until you hear an acknowledgment tone.

Load Balancing

Can the charging robot dynamically load balance with my house, so that I can avoid the main fuse from blowing?
Yes, but this requires external hardware that connects to your power meter - Easee Equalizer.



We are proud of our products and it is important for us that you, as a customer, are satisfied. That's why we give you a 2 year warranty on the vast majority of our products- with the exception of consumer goods.  Look for the warranty logo to see what applies to this particular product. Our warranty means that this product should function as expected through it's entire warranty time. (In addition to your rights under the Consumer Goods Act). Read more about this warranty in our purchase conditions kjøpsbetingelser.



Easee Charge Lite - 11 kW - Charging station - Ladeboks - Ladestasjon - Hjemmelader - Elbilgrossisten

Easee Charge Lite Charge Box — 11 kW — 32A/1+3-phase — Type 2 contact

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