What is HAN-port / connection?

What is a HAN-port?

Home Area Network (HAN) is a separate physical output (port) on your new automatic current meter (AMS meter) in your fuse box. Data from the HAN port can be used to optimize smart home solutions or monitor your own electricity consumption. The information from the HAN port gives, for example, the opportunity to connect to systems which in turn disconnect so-called slow current loads during periods of high power, for example electric car charging. It can also be heating cables and the hot water tank, which can be disconnected for a couple of hours in the middle of the day without you noticing. But to be able to use smart energy management optimally, you should open the HAN port.

When the port is opened, you get access to consumption data and detailed information about:

  • power consumption in real time (real time)
  • power consumption in the last hour
  • voltage level
  • excess power (production from your own plant) that is fed back into the power grid

Note that only you can read the data from the HAN port and that it is your property. The online company or any third party does not get access to the data without first agreeing with you.

Additional equipment provides even more possibilities

When the gate is opened, you can connect to communication solutions or smart home services yourself. Then you need the necessary equipment that connects to the HAN port. For example, Easee Equalizer can be connected directly to the HAN port and dynamically balance the power consumption in conjunction with Easee charging stations so that the main fuse does not trip.

Where can I find the HAN port on the various smart meters?

There are mainly three different AMS / Smart meters that are used in Norway and below we have marked (red ring) or with arrows where the HAN port is normally located on the three most used models. Note that there are different models and the pictures of the power meters may differ from the exact model you have.

Aidon logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

AMS-måler - Forklaring - Elbilgrossisten

Aidon AMS Måler - HAN-Port

Kamstrup logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kamstrup AMS Smart måler - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kaifa Logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kaifa Nuri AMS Smart Måler - Beskrivelse - Elbilgrossisten AS

How do I open my HAN-port?

To use your HAN-port, it must be opened by your network company. You can find the procedure for opening the HAN-port at most internet companies here.


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