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RFID card / RFID piece to charging station



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Product Information

  • Choose between RFID-card eller RFID-key fobs
  • Activation/start and stop of charging
  • The card is in standard credit card size
  • The key fob can be attatched to a key ring

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    RFID-card / piece is used for activating charging stations and as access control. Fits ZapCharger Pro, Easee Home / Charge, Wallbox and other charging stations with support regular MiFare Classic 1K. This is standard for most RFID-card readers.

    RFID-piece / card is used to get a full overview of the power consumption at charging stations on Easee Home, Easee Charge and other similar solutions. The charging station accurately measures power consumption through its built-in power meter.


    Area of Use

    When a charging station/ charging box has several users, you can easily keep track of each individual's power consumption by registering their RFID piece/ card when charging.


    Technical Details

    Material Plastic
    Frequency 13,56 Mhz
    Transmission Speed
    106 kbit/s
    UID / NUID 7 Byte UID or 4 Byte NUID
    Data Retention Time 10 years
    Operating Distance
    up to 100mm
    1 year


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    RFID-Brikke for ladestasjoner - Elbilgrossisten

    RFID card / RFID piece to charging station

    49 kr