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Easee Charging Package

You can now easily order your own complete charging package + installation. In the charging package, you can choose:

If you don't already have a charging solution at home, we recommend everything in the package. Then one of our installers will contact you for a time for installation.

Easee Charge Lite Charging Station

Small and smart charging box that connects to the internet via WiFi and 4G, but also works excellently without. Provides the opportunity for smart charging and supports all power grids (IT/TT and TN) and current strengths (up to 32A 3-phase / 11 kW). Universal and supports all electric vehicles. Comes with app, cloud solution and the opportunity to expand with more charging boxes on the same power circuit later.

EBG Charging Cable - Type 2 to type 2 - 32A 3-phase / 22 kW

Universal charging cable that supports up to 32A 3-phase (22 kW). Very solid and robust charging cables with rubberized handles and without screws.

EBG Cable Suspension and Plug Holder

Our cable suspension is made of aluminum which is very solid and can be combined with the plug holder to store both the cable and the plug when you are not charging your car.

Easee Equalizer

The Equalizer for the Easee charging station allows you to charge at maximum power (kW) despite having limited capacity in your main intake. It communicates with the charging box and your smart AMS meter and adjusts consumption so that the main fuse does not blow. Alternatively, you can also use the Equalizer to adjust the power so that you do not exceed a capacity stage on the network rent with the charging.

Standard installation

Our standard installation package will be done by our nationwide network of authorized installers.

The standard package covers most needs, and the installer can perform remote inspection together with you to ensure that you get what you need when the charging box is installed.

Standard installation includes:

  • Residual current device / Circuit breaker - 32-40A 3-phase
  • Up to 15 meters of cable from the charging box to the fuse box
  • Up to 2 drillings in the wooden wall
  • Up to 4 hours of work on site
  • Installation and connection of the charging box
  • Up to 50 km driving from the nearest installation partner
  • Application to the network owner for the installation of 32A
  • Compliance declaration on the installation


  • Free access according to agreement and efficient progress without hindrance
  • Sufficient capacity in the electrical installation for the installation
  • Available space in the fuse box (upgrade of the fuse box can be done by agreement)

If additional work and/or material is required beyond what is included in the standard installation, the price may differ from the price stated on the website. See all terms for standard installation and feel free to use our installation calculator to estimate the price for installation.

Easee charge pack

Easee charge pack

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