Charging guide: Dictionary for electric car and plug-in hybrid owners

There are many new expressions and abbreviations if you are new to charging and rechargeable vehicles. We have created a small searchable dictionary that explains most of the abbreviations related to electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Abbreviation Explanation More Information
AC Alternating Current refers to electric current that changes its direction (polarity) cyclically over time, so that positive and negative instantaneous values are repeating, and so that the average value of the current over time is equal to zero. The word is also generally used as a designation for an electrical power system with alternating voltage. The opposite of alternating current is direct current, where the current and voltage's polarity do not switch. This type of current is used in normal charging such as when you charge from a power outlet, charging stations, industrial connectors, etc. Read more
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control. With ACC activated, the vehicle will adapt the speed and set distance after the car ahead.
Adapter A cable transition, from e.g., 32A blue CEE to 32A red CEE.
AP Autopilot (AP) is related to self-driving features. The car must have both hardware and software in the car for it to have autopilot. One can choose to buy a car without AP on a new car. You can then upgrade later with the software to get AP, given that the hardware is in place.
BEV Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is a type of electric car that exclusively uses energy stored in rechargeable battery packs. In other words - an electric car.
CCS Combined Charging System (CCS) is the name of the European standard for fast charging. Often called CCS Type 2. The standard allows charging power up to 350 kilowatts.
CCS-Tesla adapter Owners of Model S and X can have equipment retrofitted to be able to use a CCS adapter, so that these can also charge on CCS. All new superchargers Tesla will set up in Europe, from spring 2020, will only have CCS outlets.
CEE This refers to the industrial plug standard, also known as "blue (or red) plug". Often used to provide higher current strengths and voltages than what is typical for household outlets. Blue CEE plugs are usually for single-phase current (230V), while red ones are for three-phase current (400V).
CHAdeMO Japanese fast charging standard and is widespread in the Asian market and therefore common among cars from Asia. CHAdeMO is short for "CHArge de MOve" and is a reference to the fact that it is fast charging.
Charging post A post where the charging station can be mounted.
Charging power Tells you how high a power you are charging or can charge your car with. The charging power is given in kW (kilowatt).
Charging station / charge box / wall boxes / home charger Synonyms for a charging station (unit) that provides safe and fast charging of electric vehicles - both electric and plug-in hybrid.
Connector Designation for the connector that is on the wall or in the car.
DC Direct Current (DC). Direct current is the type used for fast charging. Alternating voltage (AC) is converted to direct current in the fast charging station.
Destination charging Destination charging is charging that takes place at e.g., shopping centers, fitness centers, and hotels.
DU Drive Unit and is the motor in the electric car.
EB Electric Car - License plate series from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for electric vehicles (e.g., EB 43357).
Elbil Norwegian word for "electric car"
Estimated range The car's estimated range based on previous energy consumption.
EV Electric Vehicle. English word for electric car. Is also a license plate series from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for electric vehicles (e.g., EV 43357).
Fast charging Charging that happens at high power (kW).
FSD Full Self Driving. A feature that should provide completely self-driving capabilities
FW Firmware
HPC High Power Charging. Abbreviation for fast chargers that deliver more than 150 kW.
Hybrid car A vehicle that uses multiple energy sources. A common combination is an electric drive line and gasoline. These cannot be charged externally.
ICE Internal Combustion Engine - a fossil car. Non-electric car.
kW Kilowatt is the unit of power. Used about the charging power at charging stations and the power of the car's electric motor.
kWh / kWt Kilowatt hour (kWh). A unit of quantity of energy (electricity) and is often used by battery size and electric car consumption.
Lithium battery A type of battery technology used in most electric cars.
Mode 1 / Mode 2 / Mode 3 / Mode 4 Abbreviation for "charging mode" and defines various charging modes related to charging.
Normal charging Involves charging electric vehicles with "low" power. Defined as power less than 22 kW and usually takes place at home or at the workplace.
OTA Over The Air. A term used in connection with software updates made wirelessly, either via the mobile network or WiFi.
PHEV Abbreviation for Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
Pigtail Cable with open end (loose wires) and plug/socket at the other end.
Plug Designation for the plug that connects to the charging connector in the car.
Plug-in hybrid The vehicle uses multiple energy sources. A common combination is an electric drive line and gasoline. The battery can be charged externally.
Power Power is measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW). For example: • Charging speed — I'm charging at 3.7 kW, 22 kW, 118 kW • The car delivers a maximum of 320 kW (approx. 420hp) on Tesla Model S P85 • Have limited regen at 30 kW as the battery is cold.
Range How far a vehicle can travel without adding additional energy.
RFID Radio Frequency IDentification. RFID cards/tokens are used for wireless identification of users and serve as access control.
SC Service Center, workshop for Tesla.
Schuko Refers to the plug/socket used for a regular power outlet. Often called household plug.
Semi-fast charging Defined as charging powers between 22 kW and up to 43 kW.
SOC State of Charge. Tells how much energy the battery has and the cars indicate this either as % or number of kilometers of range.
Støpsel Norwegian word for "plug". Designation for the plug that connects to the charging connector in the car.
SuC Super Charger. Tesla's supercharger network.
Type 1 Charging standard used on older and Asian cars for charging via alternating current.
Type 2 Charging standard used on newer and European cars for charging via alternating current.
UMC Universal Mobile Charger. Used about the charging cable that comes with Tesla's cars and has several adapters.
Wallbox Another word for charging station. Often mounted on a wall or pole.

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