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Wallbox Lumina Premium — 22 kW — 32A/3-phase — Type 2 connector



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Product Information

  • Elegant and nice charging station with black anodized aluminum
  • Comes with integrated socket (household socket) for tools and other uses
  • Enclosure made of polycarbonate and anodized aluminum - Unique design that is durable and rust-free
  • RFID card reader - Option to activate RFID user access or Plug & Charge


Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 lading 1,4-22 kW ladeeffekt - Elbilgrossisten 400V 3-fas 32A DC-RCM modul 6mA Lastbalansering Justerbar NFC


Lumina is the next generation AC charging station with a robust construction made of polycarbonate and anodized aluminum. It comes in black. The charging station delivers up to 22kW (32A / 400V / 3-phase) which provides very rapid charging for cars that support this.

Lumina Premium - Type 2 Socket - Charging Station - Elbilgrossisten - Exploded

Charging status is indicated by LED lights at the top, making it easy to check the charging progress. You have the ability to control the charging process thanks to a dedicated mobile app, and a sophisticated, minimalist design that is valued in international design competitions.


Simple Installation

Lumina can be connected to the power network either from above, behind, or from the bottom of the backplate. This provides flexibility in installation and also makes it easier and less expensive for the electrician to install. The charging box stands out for its modular design which shortens the installation time to 15 minutes. The charging station comes with built-in protection (6mA DC-RCM/RDC-DD) so there is no need for a Type B RCD. A regular Type A residual-current device is sufficient.

Lumina Premium - Type 2 Socket - Charging Station - Elbilgrossisten - Backplate

Mobile App

ENELION LUMINA App mobile app allows features such as: scheduling charging sessions, start/stop, adjusting the current, changing authorization settings, managing the Schuko socket with a delayed start option.

Lumina Premium - Type 2 Socket - Charging Station - Elbilgrossisten - App

Integrated Socket

The integrated socket allows you to charge your car at the same time as you charge, for example, your electric scooter. The socket is limited to a maximum of 10A and it is possible to control the socket via the mobile app - on / off, and delay charging.

Lumina Premium - Type 2 Socket - Charging Station - Elbilgrossisten - Socket - Schuko socket

Expand with More Units - Load Balancing Between Multiple Units

Lumina supports load balancing between multiple units that communicate with each other via their own WiFi. Each charging box creates a common WiFi and allows communication between multiple charging stations and thus load balancing. Automatic load balancing between several charging boxes ensures the utilization of all available capacity on the power circuit when charging:

  • If one car is charging, the car gets all the available power
  • If two cars are connected, the power is shared between both based on the maximum set current draw of the charging station

The charging station can also be set from 6-32A and will distribute, for example, a 20A power circuit to 2x10A when both are in use.

Lumina Premium - Type 2 Socket - Charging Station - Elbilgrossisten - Schuko + Electric Scooter

User Access

An RFID card reader is standard and can be activated so that the charging station will not charge until an RFID card is read (access control). This makes the charging station suitable for the workplace, housing associations, or at home. The charging station can also be configured open, so-called "Plug and Charge," which means you do not need RFID to start charging and only need to connect, and the charging will automatically start (standard configuration).

Universal Charging Station

The charging station can be adapted to all power circuits and can be configured with 1A steps between 6-32A.

Power Meter

With an integrated DIN rail, it is possible to install both single or three-phase MID-certified meters in each charging box. This gives the possibility to read the power consumption in the charging box or via the app.


Lumina is compatible with all electrical installations, all power grids, and all electric vehicles. Therefore, you can be sure that your investment will last for many years to come. The charging station fits all electric vehicles on the market and is well suited if you have 2 or plan to have two rechargeable vehicles in the future.

In accordance with electrical equipment regulations § 21, we are obliged to inform our customers that any electrical equipment intended to be part of a permanent electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company.

Technical Details

Charging Connector Type 2 connector (IEC 62196-1/2)
Charging Mode Mode 3
Number of Phases 1 / 3
Power Supply Up to 3x32A (Nipple for up to 5x10mm²)
Power Grid TN (400V) / IT 230V
Charging Current Continuous configuration between 6A-32A (1.3-22 kW)
Operating Voltage 230V / 400V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption < 1w idle
Flammability Class UL94-V0
Circuit Breaker 3x32/40A, type C
Residual Current Device Built-in residual current device 6mA DC-RCM
Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C
Authorization RFID/NFC, 13.56 Mhz / Application
Communication Protocols RFID/NFC reader - Mifare Classic / Free Charge
Integrated LTE/4G modem (requires own SIM card)
WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
WiFi network for local communication
Features Load balancing
OCCP 1.6 JSON over Websockets
Power Measurement Possibility for power meter (MID power meter)
IK Class IK10 (EN 60068-2-75)
Protection Class IP54
Dimensions H: 390 x W: 155 x D: 133 mm
Weight 4.4 kg
Certifications CE
Warranty 2 years

Questions and Answers

Does this charging station work on 230V /1-phase or 3-phase IT?
This will work on 230V 1- and 3-phase IT.


We are proud of our products and it is important to us that you as a customer are satisfied. Therefore, we offer a 2-year warranty on most of our products, with the exception of consumables. Look for the warranty logo to see what applies to this particular product. Our warranty means that the product should function as expected for the entire warranty period (in addition to your rights under the Consumer Purchase Act). Read more about the warranty in our purchase conditions.

Wallbox Lumina Premium — 22 kW — 32A/3-phase — Type 2 connector

Wallbox Lumina Premium — 22 kW — 32A/3-phase — Type 2 connector

9.990 kr7.990 kr