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ZAPTEC Pro 4G- 22kW- 32A- Type 2 contact

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Product Information

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  • Dynamic load and phase balancing that provides optimal utilization of the available capacity while charging
  • Works on all power grids- 230V 1/3-phase (IT) and 400V 3-phase (TN)
  • Progressive - Intelligent charging solution that combines advanced hardware and state-of-the-art software
  • Cost effective and easy installation- For smaller and  larger installations 

Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 lading 400V 230V 3-fas 1-fas 32A Jordfeilvern Type B
Lastbalansering Fasebalansering Justerbar Bluetotth RFID kortleser WiFi Betalingssystem ZapCharger App

ZapCharger Pro's charging system is built for the future with a simple installation and with great possibilities. Developed and manufactured in Norway with easy and affordable installation. This intelligent charging system combines advanced hardware and state-of-the-art software that independently runs on the charging station. It is connected to the a cloud solution for advanced configurations, monitoring and modern algorithms. The solution is future-oriented as new functions are delivered through software updates to the charging station from the cloud. 

Unique scalability and easy installation
ZapCharger Pro's charging system shares a single current course and power cable. The communication between the charging stations is via the power cable and is connected to the internet (the cloud) either via WiFi or through the power cable (via a PLC-unit). This unique infrastructure makes it possible to start the installation with just a few chargers or just the back plates only and then extends to more charging stations as the need increases. Bakplatene (the back plates) can first be mounted and the charging stations can be connected later, if desired. These can be bought separately and are not included with the charging station. 

Extension of an existing installation, therefore, does not require extra work or investing in the fuse box. The installer simply connects the charging station to the back plate and the existing infrastructure (power cable)- which has already been set up. 

Zaptec - ZapCharger Pro - Cloud Løsning

ZapCharger Pro - Intelligent ladesystem

Zaptec - Tradisjonell ladesystem

Dynamic Load and phase balancing

ZapCharger Pro provides full usage of the available electrical capacity with dynamic load and phase balancing across all charging stations. 

Load balancing optimizes available power for electric vehicles. It also saves power and provides safe charging that does not overload the network.

  • Monitors the charging systems available charging current
  • Ensures that the available charging current is distributed and used equally
  • Does not over load the course or set limit values
  • Balances on 3 different levels
  • Balances across courses

Phase balancing distributes the load evenly on all phases. Prevents uneven distribution of the load and provides optimal utilization of the network's capacity.

  • Distributes the current load on the 3 different phases as evenly as possible
  • Prevents uneven loading in the charging system
  • Better utilizes up to 66% of available power
  • The charging stations automatically switch from 3 phase to 1 phase and vice versa

All of this makes it possible to charge up to 100 cars in one day on one simple 63A current course (3 phase TN). It also means that you can charge with up to 22kW (32A/3 phase) at all charging stations. Soft start ensures that the mains are not overloaded at the beginning of charging and thus prevents any fuses from tripping due to high and short current pulses. 

Zaptec - LasebalanseringZaptec - Fasebalansering Zaptec - Mykstart

Timed power management
ZapCharger Pro's newest feature is the possibility to set a schedule for available power. In this way, you can easily regulate the draw of power at given times which is extremely practical since the tax on electricity from 2019 in connection with the new AMS power meters. 

ZapCharger Pro - Tidsinnstilt strømstyring

Safety in the highest
ZapCharger Pro has a specially designed type 2 connector which allows the connector to drain. The charging station is supplied with built-in electronic earth fault protection type B which ensures detection of direct current and earth faults. It resets every time the charging plug is pulled out from the charging contact. This reduces downtime and the need for support and maintenance. With series-connected relays and detector circuits, voltage is not applied if a fault occurs in the system's safety relay. At the same time the charging station detects any overvoltage and has integrated fuses (3x32A type C). Temperature sensors and electronic monitoring of the flow of current in the charging station in the instance of any heat detection (>50°C) and with automatically notify, as well as interrupt the charging if something wrong occurs. The charging station automatically restarts in the event of a power failure. 

Fair use
Each ZapCharger Pro can authenticate the user through NFC/RFID or ZapCharger App. At the same time, it will accurately measure the power consumption through the built-in power meter. This provides control and overview of the power consumption via the app or the web portal/ the cloud. Likewise, the use of charging stations in shared garages or vehicle parking spaces can be allocated and paid for by each individual user. The queuing system ensures a fair distribution of available power. 

ZapCharger Pro is compatible with all electronic installations, all power grids and all electric vehicles. You can, therefore, rest assured that your investment will endure for many years to come

ZapCharger Pro Communicates with the cloud solution via either WiFi, PLC or WiFi-PLC gateway. The latter works so that one of the charging stations is connected to WiFi (master) and the rest of the charging stations communicate via PLC. 

Digital tools- Cloud solution and application
The ZapCharger Pro also follows Zaptec sin webportal (Zaptec's own web portal) and ZapCharger App which gives you full control and overview of the installation. All data can be found in the cloud and is, therefore, available for you and your customers regardless of where you are. ZapCharger Pro supports most communication protocols and is designed to be online. The built-in payment solution can be easily activated in the app. ZapCharger Pro can thus pay for itself- and after a while become an attractive source of income.


Webportal Zaptec


ZapCharger App


Forward thinking
ZapCharger Pro is ready for future challenges as it is software-based and can be upgraded over the internet. The cloud solution is built on Microsoft Asure which ensures its working time and stability. With this premium hardware which is designed and produced in Norway, you can be sure of the quality and that ZapCharger Pro will last for many years to come.


According to regulations on electrical equipment §13, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company

This charging station suits all electrical vehicles on the market and is well suited if you are to have 2 or more charging stations. We recommend that you read the "Questions and Answers" tab at the very top of the page if you have any further questions. 

Technical Details

Charging Contact
Type 2 Contact (IEC 62196-1/2)
Charging Mode
Mode 3
Number of Phases
1 / 3
Power Supply 10, 16 or 32A
Power Grid
IT (230V) and TN (400V)
Charging Current
Wireless adjusting between 6A-32A (1,3-22kW)
Operating Voltage 230V-400V
Frequency 50-60 hz
Power Consumption
< 1w idle
Automatic Security
3x32A, type C
Earth Fault Protection
Built in electronic earth fault protector type B
Operating Temperature
-25°C til +40°C (Lager: -30°C to +50°C)
Authorization RFID/NFC, 13,56 Mhz / Application
WiFi 802.11n
Communication Protocols Bluetooth (BLE), Power Line Communication (PLC), WiFi and RFID/NFC
Functions Load Balancing
Phase Balancing 
Cloud Based Services
Energy Measurement
Soft start
Energy Control Prepared for smart homes
Power Measurement
Integrated current meter
Software Updates Automatic download
Protection Class
Measurements 39,2 x 25,8 x 11,2 cm
Weight 5 kg (incl. wall attachments)
CE and EV
5 years


Questions and Answers

What is the difference with ZapCharger Pro's system
ZapCharger can charge up to 60% more electric vehicles at once due to its patented phase, load balancing and the intelligent queuing system. This means that the system can utilize 100% of the available capacity at all times compared to other systems that draw up separate rates for each individual charging point. 

Is it cheaper to install ZapCharger Pro?
For larger installations, ZapChargers are up to 30% cheaper, due to their unique and simplified installation process. You can connect a very large number of charging stations to one and the same power cable and at the same time assign internet access via the same power cable. 

At the same time the ZapCharger is up to 60% more affordable when expanding an existing installation. This is because you do not have to carry out new work in the fuse box and can connect to an existing connection point. 

Do I have to buy the back plate separately?
The back plate is NOT included and must be purchased separately 

Does the ZapCharger energy saving?
The product is well suited for to help you as a customer save money on electricity, and to reduce power peaks. 

Where do I adjust the charging current?
The charging current is adjusted in the portal and is done step by step at 1A from 6-32A.

How do I connect to the internet on ZapCharger Pro?
There are two ways to connect the ZapCharger Pro to the internet/cloud. It is either via WiFi or a PLC device. 

Via WiFi: As the communication between the charging stations takes place on the same power cable- this means that only one of the charging stations needs to be connected to a wireless network to give all the other charging stations access to the network. The same charging station that is connected to the wireless network must be configured as a PLC Gateway. This must be done per stream course. 

Via PLC: A PLC-unit is mounted in the fuse box before the fuse. An ethernet cable (RJ45) is connected to the device giving all the stations internet access via the power cable. One PLC unit is used per current course.

What other advantages does ZapCharger have over other manufacturers?
This product is developed and manufactured in Norway and is 100% owned by Zaptec. This means that we can adapt to the market and the customer's needs in a more personalized way. The charging station has been developed by some of the country's leading engineers in close collaboration with the industry- at all stages, (the installer, electrician, the grid company and the customers). The resulting product solves all known challenges related to infrastructure, security of supply, communication and price.

ZapCharge Pro will, therefore, continue to develop and get better over time.

Does the ZapCharger work at my residence or company?
In short, this charging system suits all small and large installations. Contact us at either 23 90 55 15 or send us an email at kundeservice@elbilgrossisten.no for for more information. 

Charging Calculator

Do I have enough power?

Many believe that they don't have enough power available. With the ZapCharger Pro, you can charge up to 100 electrical vehicles during the day with one 63A fuse and one charging cable.

Use the calculator in order to find out how many electrical vehicles you can charge at once and to see how many kilometers you can drive with the electricity you have available today. This smart management of the power between the ZapCharger Pro makes use of the power that is available at all times. If someone is not charging, the available capacity is transferred to those who are charging.

How many can charge simultaneously?
Below is an example where we have inserted a fuse of 32A/3 phase 230 volts. This solution can have 6 active chargers at the same time in operation. This will cover the vast majority of their needs for charging electric vehicles. Click the button below to access the charging calculator to see what your existing capacity can cover.

ZapCharger Pro - Ladekalkulator

ZapCharger Pro - Ladekalkulator


How many kilometers can a charging solution charge?
The calculator is based on each vehicle charging on average 10kWh and has an average consumption of 20kWh/100km. With an 63A rate of current on an TN-net (400V/3-phase) The ZapCharger Pro can provide 5.216 kilometers in 24 hours or 3.012km in 24 hours with an IT-net (230V/3-phase).

ZapCharger Pro - Kilometerkalkulator


ZapCharger App

ZapCharger App

In order for you to get the most out of your ZapCharger Pro charging system, we recommend that you use the portal (portalenand the application. Feel free to create a user profile on the portal to see what the interface looks like. The app can be downloaded below:

App storeAndroid Google Play


The cloud/ portal provides access to a number of functions, such as:

  • Adjusting of the amperage  - prevent overloading
  • Turn on/off or open/close the charging station
  • Adding users (access control)
  • Charging data in real time
  • Overview of power consumption
  • Manage charging stations
  • Payment systems


These are just some of the functions which are now available and  even more features will be added automatically via the cloud solution. The ZapCloud solution is based on Microsoft Azure technology, which is reliable, fast and is a scalable platform. Along with the software updates, comprehensive API's, desktop (dashboard), reporting tools, Zaptec is ready to deliver charging solutions for all types of needs.




 We are proud of our products and it is important for us that you, as a customer, are satisfied. That's why we give you a 2 year warranty on the vast majority of our products- with the exception of consumer goods.  Look for the warranty logo to see what applies to this particular product. Our warranty means that this product should function as expected through it's entire warranty time. (In addition to your rights under the Consumer Goods Act). Read more about this warranty in our purchase conditions kjøpsbetingelser.



ZAPTEC PRO 4G - Front - Elbilgrossisten

ZAPTEC Pro 4G- 22kW- 32A- Type 2 contact

18.750 kr
Without installation
Standard installation