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Charging the Renault ZOE, Kango E-Tech, Mercedes Citan and Nissan Townstar has a challenge on the Norwegian IT power grid. The reason is that the cars have an on-board charger (OBC) which requires an N conductor (zero conductor) to be able to charge. The IT network does not have this and in order to charge these cars, the on-board charger in the car must get this via 3 possible solutions:


1) TN-C / S Power grid into the home

The home is connected to a transformer kiosk that supplies "400V" into the home and this power grid will have an N conductor available. Therefore, the cars will be able to charge without problems when the home/property has this and regardless of which charging box you have. See illustration below:


Ladeguiden - Lading av Renault ZOE - Elbilgrossisten AS

2) Own isolating transformer on the current course of the charging box(es)

If the home is connected to the IT network, a solution may be to invest in an isolating transformer connected to the charging box(es). An isolating transformer will create two separate power grids, with 230V IT 2-phase or 230V IT 3-phase at the input (primary side). On the output (secondary side) of the transformer you get 230V 1-phase (TN-S) or 400V 3-phase. In this way, you can connect any charging box and you can charge the above-mentioned cars, as well as all other electric vehicles. The advantage of using an isolating transformer is that earth faults on the IT network do not propagate further behind the transformer, which eliminates errors in charging as a result of earth faults.

We have a large selection of isolating transformers in our range that can be combined with any optional charging box. Alternatively, you can also install our complete charging solution with isolating transformer and charging controller in the same unit -SPARK WALL BOX.

Ladeguiden - Lading av Renault ZOE - Elbilgrossisten AS 

3)Portable isolation transformer

Our universal and portable charging solution SPARK BOX for Renault ZOE, Kango E-Tech and Nissan Townstar is an isolation transformer in a smaller format. This is supplied as standard with a normal household plug and type 2 plug - so you can charge from all sockets. The charging cable can, and should, be combined with a type 2 to schuko adapter so that it is possible to charge from charging stations that are not connected to the TN network.

Ladeguiden - Lading av Renault ZOE - Elbilgrossisten AS 

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Renault ZOE - Lading på IT-nettet - Elbilgrossisten


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