Purchase Conditions


    The sales conditions apply to the sale of all goods, products and services from our store to the consumer. The conditions together with your order form a collective contractual basis for the purchase. This is confirmed with an order confirmation.

    In order to shop in our store, you must be 18 years of age. We only deliver to mainland Norway.

    If you are unsure about the law, consumer purchases are regulated in:

    Follow the links to these laws if you want more information about your rights and obligations when purchasing. In these sales conditions, requirements are set for writing in the sales conditions, this is fulfilled by using e-mail and/or text message to mobile phone (SMS).

    Definition of parties

      The seller is: Electric car wholesaler AS and contact information to us can be found at the bottom of the store, as well as on our "About us" pages, receipts and orderconfirmations and will hereafter be referred to as "us" or "we".

      The buyer is: the person who is stated as the buyer with personal data in the order, and will hereafter be referred to as "you", "your".

      Execution of purchases in our online store

        To make you feel secure about how to order/shop in our online store, we have described the purchase process, which consists of the following points:

        • Product list
        • Choice of product(s)
        • Shopping cart
        • Choice of shipping and payment method
        • Possible registration
        • Checking of the order
        • Confirmation of the order
        • Settlement form and control
        • Receipt of order confirmation
        • Sent order confirmation
        • Sent receipt and shipping information

        Order and agreement process

          Your order is binding when the order is registered on our server via the ordering process. We are committed and bound to your order as long as it does not deviate from our offers, prices, marketing or in any other way is used inappropriately. You have the right to withdraw from your obligations in accordance with the law of withdrawal. Upon receipt of your order, we will confirm the order automatically and send you an order confirmation. We ask you to read the order confirmation carefully to ensure that it is in accordance with your order. Differences between your order and the order confirmation are considered a new offer from us, which you can accept or reject. You still have the right to make your original order valid if it is in accordance with what we have offered. You will receive a receipt when shipping goods automatically or included in the package depending on the settlement form.

          Information given in the online store

            The goal is always that all information provided by us is correct and that all information is in accordance with the actual conditions. However, we must reserve the right to typing errors, printing errors or incorrect pricing. This can ultimately result in us not being able to deliver in accordance with the information given in the online store or marketing or otherwise. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel your order or parts of it, if the product is sold out. If the product is sold out, you will be notified of this, possibly along with information about what we can offer instead. You will have the opportunity to accept our new offer with the changes we specify in relation to your order, or cancel the order.


              All prices are inclusive of VAT and any environmental fees. The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering and include all costs associated with the purchase such as postage, freight, packaging, etc.


                The purchase price can, at your own choice, be settled through available payment methods (such as bank or credit card, or other if offered). When using a card, the purchase amount will be reserved on the card at the time of ordering. If you do not collect the package and remain completely passive, this will not give us any indications of why the package was not picked up. You will then not have fulfilled the requirements set out in the Cancellation Act §11 and §13, and thereby lose the right to withdraw from the contract. You will then be charged for round-trip freight costs and a fee of NOK 250 for the administrative work. In the event of non-payment, the claim will, after prior notice, be sent for collection. Cancellation will result in the amount we have reserved being removed. Please note that neither reservation nor withdrawal of reservation will appear on your account statement. If a reservation cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We use payment intermediaries that provide safe, secure, and stable solutions. We use the security standard 3D Secure, SSL, Verified by Visa, and MasterCard Secure Code. The payment pages are encrypted and secured so that no one can see your card information, not even us during the transaction.

                Delivery and Delay

                  Delivery of the products is carried out in the manner described in the terms for shipping and return. We take the risk for the products until they are taken over by you, that is when you have received the products in your possession. If the delivery of the products is delayed, we will give you information as soon as we have knowledge of it, along with information about and possibly when delivery can take place, or if the product(s) is sold out. Depending on the nature of the products and the length of the delay, you may under certain circumstances demand to cancel the contract. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse delivery of all items based on price fluctuations and stock situation. All delivery times stated by us must be considered as guidance. By delivery time is meant an estimated time of arrival to the customer. When time is stated in the number of days, working days are meant (Monday-Friday). If no delivery time is stated, the normal estimated delivery time is 2-4 days.

                  Inspection of the Products

                    After receiving the products, you should as soon as possible examine whether the delivery is in accordance with the order confirmation, whether the products have been damaged during transport, or whether the products otherwise have defects or deficiencies.

                    Your Rights in Case of Defects and Deficiencies (Complaint)

                      In sales to consumers, the rules on complaints apply in accordance with the Purchase Act § 32, no. 3. In sales in trade, shorter complaint rules than what appear from the Purchase Act (cf. the Purchase Act §3) can be agreed. If nothing else is agreed, the products are sold with a 12-month complaint deadline for defects/deficiencies.

                      If the products have defects or deficiencies, the consumer must within areasonable time after he/she discovered or should have discovered this, give us notice that he/she will invoke the deficiency (complaint). However, you always have at least a two-month complaint period according to the Consumer Purchases Act. The right to complain applies for two years after you took over the product, or five years if the product is meant to last substantially more than two years. The right to complain is in addition to the right of withdrawal under point k. If the consumer does not complain in time, the right to make the deficiency valid is lost. A defect that appears within six months after the consumer took over the goods (normally the time of delivery) is presumed to have existed at the time of the risk transfer.

                      Notice of defects and deficiencies in the products can be conveyed to us orally or in writing. For evidence purposes, we recommend that the complaint be sent to us in writing.

                      If there is a defect in the product and the consumer has complained within the mentioned deadlines, the consumer can assert the following deficiency remedies:

                      • Withhold the purchase price
                      • Under certain conditions choose between correction or redelivery
                      • Demand cancellation if the defect is not insignificant (presupposes that the goods are in the same condition and quantity §51)
                      • Claim compensation

                      If the seller's correction or redelivery will result in the consumer being deprived of the use of the goods for more than a week (from the product is receipted in by us), the consumer has under certain conditions the right to demand a replacement item made available at the seller's expense. As a general rule, we are not entitled to make more than two attempts at correction or redelivery of the same defect.

                      If there is no defect, Elbilgrossisten.no can only demand payment for investigations that have been necessary to determine whether there is a defect, and payment for the repair of the goods, if the seller has expressly made the consumer aware that he/she must cover such costs.

                      If the customer wishes on their own initiative to implement measures to correct the defect beyond what may have been agreed with us, we will not pay these expenses.


                        Our warranties do not limit the complaint deadline for goods under the Consumer Purchase Act. Unless otherwise stated, you always have a 2-year warranty on products you purchase from Elbilgrossisten. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. A receipt for purchase or other valid proof of purchase must accompany the complaint or warranty cases. The warranty does not cover errors that are due to the fact that the product has not been used according to the instructions, has been exposed to abnormal use or neglect, electrical overvoltages from lightning, or that it has been rebuilt or altered.

                        Right of Withdrawal

                          If you regret a purchase from us, the right of withdrawal law applies. We want the process to be as simple as possible for both parties. In case of a cancelled purchase, the seller and the buyer have some obligations that must be followed within the provisions of the right of withdrawal law. We send out information to all our private customers, via e-mail, around the right of withdrawal law and a link to download the withdrawal form with every purchase made from us.

                          We recommend keeping the original packaging if you wish to return the item.

                          The right of withdrawal requires that the seller is notified within 14 days after the delivery has been received (cf. the right of withdrawal law § 21). The consumer must, without undue delay, and no later than 14 days from when the right of withdrawal notice was given, send the goods back (cf. the Right of Withdrawal § 25). Note that the right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases under 300 NOK (cf. the right of withdrawal law §2). Download the withdrawal form.

                          The right of withdrawal requires that the customer bears the return costs themselves (cf. the right of withdrawal law § 8, point i). If the goods cannot be returned by normal post, we recommend Posten.no for more info and completion of return of larger packages. If the consumer has expressly chosen another type of delivery, this is a cost borne by the customer (cf. the right of withdrawal law § 24).

                          For the right of withdrawal to be enforced, the product must be returned to us in approximately the same quantity and condition as you received it (cf. the right of withdrawal law § 12 point a). You cannot send the item in cash on delivery to us, and at the same time, you bear the risk of the transport of the goods back to us. Please contact us at hei@elbilgrossisten.no for a return label, and we will send a return label by email that you can print out yourself. The price for the return freight is the same as you paid when you purchased the item and we will deduct the same amount in the refund for the return shipment.

                          We are obliged to pay back to you what you have paid including postage for the shipment to you, handling fees, customs duties, cash on delivery fees, etc. This only applies when the entire purchase is returned.

                          The right of withdrawal gives the seller the right to charge the customer if the product has incurred a value reduction as a result of use beyond what is necessary to determinethe nature, characteristics and/or function of the goods (cf. Right of Withdrawal § 25).

                          When purchasing products in electronic format (audio or video recordings, computer programs, word files, PDF files etc.), the right to cancel the purchase falls away as soon as you have received the electronic shipment with the file on your server, or license code/information has been made available (cf. the Right of Withdrawal § 22, point g and n).

                          If this is a manufacturing purchase, the deadline for using the right of withdrawal starts from when you receive this information (cf. the right of withdrawal law §11 second paragraph).

                          We also note that mounted, ordered goods and custom-made products are not exchanged, as these will be personally customized for the customer (cf. the right of withdrawal law §22 point e).

                          The refund should take place within fourteen (14) days after we receive the product from you or a pickup slip or the product is made available to us. Any return shipment must be paid by you.

                          The product is sent back to us in original packaging, along with the withdrawal form and a copy of the order confirmation or invoice. More information on how to use the right of withdrawal is provided in the withdrawal form.

                          Active action

                          An active action* from you is required in such a way that there is no doubt that you are exercising your right of withdrawal. With an active action, we can handle the case in a quick and efficient manner for both parties, in accordance with the right of withdrawal law (* ref. the 14-day deadline mentioned in the right of withdrawal law § 11).

                          Passive action

                          If you do not pick up the order and otherwise remain completely passive, this will not give us any indications as to why the package has not been picked up. You will then not have fulfilled the requirements set for you according to the right of withdrawal law § 11 and § 13, and thus lose the right to withdraw from the agreement. When the order comes back as uncollected, it will be credited in its entirety, and the goods put back in stock. We will send a separate invoice for the postage both ways, plus an uncollected fee of NOK 250, to cover our handling costs.

                          Personal Information

                          We are committed to handling personal information securely. As a customer, you must provide necessary personal details in order to shop with us. This is to ensure that we have enough information to process payments and ship goods. If you choose to register, it will be faster and easier for you next time you shop. When you shop with us, we store information such as your name, address, and email address. These are personal details that you provide to us and are necessary for us to fulfill our obligations towards you. Elbilgrossisten is also required to store this information in connection with accounting, tax handling, and any warranty/returns processing. We do not store credit card numbers beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any problems with charging, canceling reservations, and crediting. Your personal information (not payment information) is stored, so you do not have to enter this information again the next time you shop. We use cookies to register and process an order. Furthermore, we offer newsletters to our customers with various information and offers. It is voluntary to receive these, and you must explicitly sign up during registration. It is also easy to unsubscribe from the newsletter through the same email.

                          We reserve the right to request your personal number to check creditworthiness for credit purchases or birth date to verify if our customers are under 18 years of age.

                          In addition to the information you provide when registering as a customer with us, we will also be able to see:

                          • Which of our web pages you have visited and when
                          • Which browser you are using
                          • Your IP address
                          • The geographical area you are from

                          The information is used internally in connection with statistics, solution improvement, and technical operation of the solution.

                          Your personal information will only be disclosed to others when:

                          - you have consented to the disclosure, or

                          - when it is necessary for us to fulfill the agreement with you, or in legal cases.

                          If you have questions about personal information related to you, or wish to exercise your rights to correction, blocking, deletion, etc. according to the Personal Data Act, you can contact us.

                          Prices and delivery:

                          All prices are stated incl. VAT and excl. shipping unless otherwise specified. The prices are constantly changing and we, therefore, reserve the right to change prices due to changes in prices from our suppliers or currency fluctuations. We reserve the right to refuse delivery of all goods based on price fluctuations and stock situations. We also reserve the right to refuse delivery of all goods based on competition conditions and all other reasons. All delivery times stated by us should be considered as guidelines. By delivery time, we mean the arrival time of goods at our warehouse. Time spent picking, packing, and any production is in addition before the shipment is handed over to the carrier. When time is stated in a number of days, business days are meant, and the carrier's time always comes in addition. We reserve the right to deviate fromand/or change the stated delivery time without further notice. Any price changes that occur after the time of order that are not due to errors (see below) do not have retroactive effect. If there have been typing or printing errors of significant size from Elbilgrossisten's side, in advertisements etc., and/or in the online store that is greater than 15% of normal retail price, Elbilgrossisten can unilaterally change, delete or reject orders. This applies even if you as a customer have received an order confirmation or similar. However, such errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error has been discovered. Specific price provisions for freight may be informed during the purchase process.


                          We always do our utmost to ensure you receive your goods as quickly as possible.

                          Upon order, we ship goods within a reasonable time from confirmed payment, provided we have the item in stock. If the item has to be ordered, is on its way into stock or needs to be produced, it may take longer than normal. If it will take a very long time from the order to possible shipping, we will try to contact you with more information about this. You can then choose if you want to cancel your order.

                          For shipments abroad, customs duties, VAT, and any other fees may occur and this will vary with which country the package is sent to, as well as which carrier is used.

                          Disputes and choice of law

                          The parties should try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this does not succeed, you can bring the matter to the Consumer Council. All disputes should be resolved according to Norwegian law. If the case is brought before the courts, it should be settled in the Oslo District Court.

                          Extraordinary Circumstances

                          Elbilgrossisten is only responsible for the loss of value of the product if proven flaws or defects exist. This does not apply if Elbilgrossisten can show that the defect is due to circumstances beyond Elbilgrossisten's control, and that Elbilgrossisten could not reasonably have been expected to avoid or overcome the consequences of such circumstances.
                          Elbilgrossisten is not responsible for indirect losses due to defects unless the loss is caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of Elbilgrossisten.
                          For consumer purchases, the terms cannot be worse than the provisions of the law, cf. the Consumer Purchase Act of 2002-06-21 no. 34.

                          Change in Terms

                          Elbilgrossisten reserves the right to change these terms, including as a result of changes in legislation.


                          We reserve the right to price changes, as well as typing errors and changes in text, pictures, and links on our websites or marketing. Prices and product availability are based on the time you put the products in the shopping cart. We reserve the right to change prices during various campaigns with expiration dates. Products may also be sold out. The images used on our pages are illustrative and these may deviate from the actual appearance of the product.

                          Force Majeure

                          If Elbilgrossisten is prevented from delivering or making obligatory redelivery, or such a delivery obligation becomes unreasonably burdensome as a result of labor conflict or any other circumstance when the parties cannot control it. This includes fire, war, mobilization, or unforeseen military drafts of a similar scale, requisition, seizure, currency restrictions, riots, scarcity of transport, general goods scarcity, restrictions in the supply of driving power, as well as defects or delays from subcontractors or manufacturers as a result of such circumstances as referred to in this paragraph, Elbilgrossisten is exempted from all other responsibilities other than in claim cases and to credit the defective product's corresponding purchase sum.


                          All content on these websites is the property of Elbilgrossisten or its subcontractors and is protected by copyright, marketing, and trademark laws. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, product information, including product descriptions, and weight, images/graphics, design and layout, and other content on these websites cannot be downloaded, copied, or used in any other way unless this is explicitly permitted by non-waivable legislation or with the explicit prior written consent from Elbilgrossisten AS.


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