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Wallbox Duo Power — 2x 22 kW — 32A/3-phase — 2x Type 2 Contact



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Product Information

  • Either up to 2x 22kW charging or 1x 22 kW with load balancing between outlets
  • Double (2x) type 2 plug/ outlet - perfect for households with two electrical vehicles
  • Enclosure made in anodized aluminum- Unique design that is durable and rust-free
  • RFID-card reader- Freedom of choice to enable RFID-user access or Plug & Charge


Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 lading 1,4-22 kW ladeeffekt - Elbilgrossisten 400V 3-fas 32A DC-RCM modul 6mA Lastbalansering Justerbar NFC


Wallbox Duo Power 3x32A is supplied with a double Type 2 connector. It has a robust construction, made of anodized aluminum. It is delivered in the color graphite black. The front panel is black and made of scratch-resistant plexiglass. The wall charger produces up to 22kW (32A / 400V / 3-phase), which provides very fast charging for cars that support this function. The OLED screen provides informative feedback regarding the charging process. The charging status is displayed via LED lights around each of the Type 2 connectors making it easy to see the status. 

Informative OLED-Screen
The screen shows informative information before, during and after charging.

Wallbox Single - OLED Skjerm - Tilkobling
Wallbox Single - OLED - Lading
Wallbox Single - OLED - Oppsummering

Simple Installation
Wallbox Duo Power can be connected to the main grid either from above or from below the charging station. This provides flexibility during installation and makes it easier for electricians to install at a lower installation cost.

Small but Powerful
The charging station is delivered standardly configured so that it can take 2x courses up to 22kW. This means that you can charge two cars at the same time at 22kW This requires 2 courses of 32A/400V.

Automatic Load Balancing
Wallbox Duo Power can also be supplied with automatic load balancing between the outlets, ensuring that all available capacity on the current course is utilized when charging:

    • If one vehicle is charging, that vehicle gets all available power
    • If two vehicles are charging, the power on both vehicles is shared by the maximum current draw at the charging station

    The charging station can also be set to lower amperes and distribute, for example, a 20A current course to 2x10A current course to 2x10A when both are in use.

    Installation Friendly
    The charging station is supplied with a built-in protection (earth fault circuit breaker type A 30 mA and 6mA DC-RCM/RDC-DD) so that you do not need an earth fault protector type B. 

    User Access
    The RFID- card reader is standard and can be activated so that the charging station will not charge before the RFID-card has been read (access control). This means that the charging station fits in the workplace, in a housing association or at home. The charging station can also be configured open, so-called "Plug and Charge", which means that one does not need RFID to start charging and only needs to connect. Charging will automatically start (standard configuration).

    Universal Charging Station
    The charging station can be adapted to all current rates and can be configured with 1A steps between 6-32A. If you want a different amperage than 32A, we will attach a configuration card when we send it out.

    Power Meter
    With a built-in power meter, you can see how much power each charging session uses, making it easier to monitor consumption.

    Wallbox Duo Power is compatible with all electrical installations, all power grids and all electric vehicles. Therefore, you can be confident that your investment will last for many years to come. As the charging station fits all electric vehicles on the market, it is well suited if you own 2 or plan on owning 2 rechargeable vehicles in the future.

    According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


    Technical Details

    Charging Connector
    2x Type 2 contact (IEC 62196-1/2)
    Charging Mode
    Mode 3
    Number of Phases
    1 / 3
    Power Supply
    up to 1x32A (Nipple for up to 3x6mm²)
    Power Grid
    TN (400V)
    Charging Current
    Step less configuration between 6A-32A (1,3-22 kW)
    Operating Voltage
    Frequency 50-60 Hz
    Power Consumption
    < 1w idle
    OLED-Resolution 128x64 px
    Automatic Fuse
    3x32A, type C
    Earth Fault Protection
    Built-in earth fault protector type A 30mA AC + 6mA DC-RCM
    Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
    Authorization RFID/NFC, 13,56 Mhz / Application
    Communications Protocols
    GSM 2G (Online version)
    Ethernet (Online version)
    WiFi (802.11n) (Online version)
    Functions Load Balancing
    2x NRG Current meters
    OCCP 1.6 (Online version)
    Power Measurement
    Power Meter Option (MID Power Meter)
    IK-Class IK10 (EN 60068-2-75)
    Fire Class
    Measurements 39 x 24,9 x 15,6 cm
    Weight 5 kg
    2 years


    Questions and Answers

    Does this charging station work on 230V/1-phase or 3-phase IT?
    No, Wallbox Duo Power currently only works on 400V TN grid with neutral conductor.



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    Wallbox Duo Mini - Black - Elbilgrossisten

    Wallbox Duo Power — 2x 22 kW — 32A/3-phase — 2x Type 2 Contact

    19.499 kr