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Ladestolpen - Universal Charging Pole



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Product Information

  • Charging pole / column powder-coated aluminum from Jotun
  • A universal column that fits many different charging stations
  • Developed and manufactured in Norway
  • Fits the Norgesfundamentet and Vik Ørsta anchoring frame/foundation

Ladestolpen is a practical and stylish column in Norwegian aluminum that is powder-coated in the color "Jet Black" (RAL 9005) Sahara from Jotun. The coating complies with the NS-ISO 12944 standard with corrosion class C3+, which is very suitable for urban and industrial areas. This ensures that it is resistant to moisture and pollution.

Universal and User-Friendly

The column's wide design allows for easy mounting of charging stations without the need for additional products.

We offer Ladestolpen in two main variants: LS200 and LS260. These variants have space for two charging stations. If a larger charging station is to be used (e.g., Zaptec pro or similar), we recommend LS260 for an adjusted width.

We can also deliver a multi-version with space for four charging stations, which is especially well-suited for locations with multiple users. The solution has been a success in many housing cooperatives and commercial buildings.

The column's base plate fits all foundations with 160 C/C. Foundations with this measurement include the Norgesfundamentet, Ørstfundamentet, the anchoring frame from Vik Ørsta, or a self-cast foundation.





Special Adaptations

Customized Height

All variants of the charging pole come in a standard height of 1.5 meters. Under most circumstances, this is an ideal height. We can deliver Ladestolpen in lower heights if needed.

Customized Color

Ladestolpen comes standard in the color Jet Black. We can also deliver Ladestolpen in all types of RAL colors, e.g., in the car's color. Send the color code and possibly a picture of the color as an attachment.

Special adaptations may require a longer delivery time.







We are proud that the Norgesstolpen is developed and manufactured in Norway. Strict quality control and production techniques ensure that Norgesstolpen is of high quality and will last for many years.


Made in Norway - Elbilgrossisten



According to the regulations on electrical equipment § 21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a permanent electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company.


Technical Details -

Material Stainless aluminum
Color RAL9005 - Powder Coated Black - C3+ (ISO 12944)
Dimensions Mounting for charging station LS200: 240mm x 200mm x 6mm. Mounting for charging station LS260: 300mm x 200mm x 6mm.
Height 150 cm (standard height)
Weight LS200: 10kg / LS260: 12kg
Holes in base plate Ø22
Threaded rods M20 / M20 bolts
Installation Must be attached to a foundation
Certifications CE
Warranty 5 years



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Ladestolpen - Universal Charging Pole

Ladestolpen - Universal Charging Pole

5.495 kr