Parking rules for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles

From 01.01.2017, each municipality decides for itself whether they want to introduce payment exemptions for electric and hydrogen-powered motor vehicles; cf. Regulations on conditional parking for the general public and enforcement of private parking regulations (parking regulations) § 34.

Pursuant to § 34, municipalities can introduce payment exemptions for electric and hydrogen-powered motor vehicles in municipal parking lots subject to a fee. This means that, as a general rule, electric and/or hydrogen cars must pay parking fees in the same way as fossil-fueled vehicles, unless the relevant municipality decides on a payment exemption.

In most municipalities, free parking for electric cars and hydrogen-powered cars will be time-limited, and there is a requirement to document the parking time. Our parking meters, (parkeringsur) / parking discs detect that the car is parked and automatically set the arrival time to the nearest quarter so that you do not have to set it.


Click on your municipality for more information on whether the payment exemption applies to the municipality you are in.

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