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NexBlue Charging Package

Now you can easily order your own complete charging package + assembly. In the charging package you can choose:

If you don't already have a charging solution at home, we can recommend everything in the package. Then one of our installers will contact you to arrange a time for installation.

NexBlue Edge charging station

Highly efficient charging station for electric vehicles that works on both 1- and 3-phase with up to 22 kW charging power. Adapts to all electric cars, supports all amperages (6-32A) and all mains (IT, 230V/1+3-phase, TT and TN 400V).

EBG Charging cable - Type 2 to type 2 - 32A 3-phase / 22 kW

Universal charging cable that supports up to 32A 3-phase (22 kW). Very solid and robust charging cables with rubberized handles and without screws.

EBG cable suspension and plug holder

Our cable hanger is made of aluminum which is very solid and can be combined with the plug holder to store both the cable and the plug when you are not charging your car.

NexBlue Zen (Current sensor)

A practical device that reads the power consumption in real time and will optimize the consumption by dynamically load balancing the intake. It is perfect for situations with and without smart meters and can communicate with NexBlue chargers via Wi-Fi, LAN or Nexus RF locally.

Standard installation

Our standard installation package will be carried out by our nationwide network of authorized installers.

The standard package covers most needs, and the fitter can carry out a remote inspection with you to ensure you get what you need when the charging box is installed.

Standard installation includes:

  • Ground fault circuit breaker/circuit breaker - 32-40A 3-phase
  • Up to 15 meters of cable from charging box to fuse box
  • Up to 2 holes in a wooden wall
  • Up to 4 hours of work on site
  • Assembly and connection of the charging box
  • Up to 50 km drive from the nearest installation partner
  • Application to network owner for installation of 32A
  • Declaration of conformity for the installation


  • Free access in accordance with the agreement and efficient progress without obstacles
  • Sufficient capacity in the electrical system for the installation
  • Available space in fuse box (upgrade of fuse box can be carried out by further agreement)

If additional work and/or materials are required beyond what is included in the standard installation, the price may deviate from the stated price on the website. See all conditions for standard installation and feel free to use our installation calculator to estimate the price for installation.

NexBlue charge pack

NexBlue charge pack

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