Oppdatering på tilskudd / støtte for ladeanlegg i Oslo

Oslo Municipality has recently made changes (January 2024) to its subsidy schemes. Housing cooperatives and condominiums in Oslo can now receive grants for the upgrading/establishment of charging infrastructure. Remember that the support for upgrading or establishing charging infrastructure can change at short notice or immediately by the Oslo Municipality.

The grant/support is now a maximum of 50% of approved investment costs (infrastructure costs), and limited upwards to NOK 8,000 per charging point. This was previously 20% / NOK 5,000 per charging point.

The application deadline is ongoing.

Criteria for applying

• Housing cooperatives, condominiums, and garage associations can apply for support, as long as they have an address in Oslo and an organization number.
• Private individuals, public actors, and companies that rent out parking spaces cannot apply for grants.
• Buildings under construction cannot apply for grants.
• You must apply and have the support granted before the supplier orders materials and services or enters into an agreement with the supplier. If there is a need for an assessment of the electrical system, an external consultant can be contacted before applying for the grant.

    Apply for the grant here.

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    • Phone: 23 90 55 15
    • Email: hei@elbilgrossisten.no

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