Få 10 000 kr tilbake fra ENOVA ved kjøp av smarthjem systemet Strømkontroll 2.0

During the last 12 months, have you installed a charging box from Easee (Home or Lite) or Zaptec GO? Then you have the opportunity to get 35% (up to NOK 10,000) back of the total cost. By investing in an energy management system, a Power Control 2.0 from Futurehome, you meet the requirement from the ENOVA requirement for smart energy and climate measures.

Below we have outlined an example:

  • Easee charging box — NOK 6,295
  • Assembly / installation of charging box — NOK 7,990
  • Power control 2.0 — NOK 5,990
  • Simple installation of the smart home system (2.5 hours of work) + 1 thermostat — NOK 4,000

Total sum: NOK 24,275 incl. VAT.

35% of NOK 24,275 = NOK 8,496 which you will be reimbursed in support from ENOVA.

Then the final sum including support will be NOK 15,779 including VAT.

In this example, by investing NOK 1,494 more, you will get:

  • Installation of a new 1pc smart thermostat
  • Installation of 1 puck relay (optional)
  • An energy / smart home system that means you use less electricity and avoid higher fixed-rate steps on the online rent, thus saving money every month.

How can the system make you use less electricity?

For example, you can create automations / rules for when during the day the floor should be heated and how hot it should be at the various times during the day. For example, you can lower the temperature at night every day at 23:00 and increase the heat at 06:00. Furthermore, you can switch on holiday mode, which sets everything to e.g. 10 degrees at the touch of a button.

Avoid higher fixed joint steps

In the application, you can set the system to switch off devices during periods when many devices use electricity at the same time so that you do not exceed the fixed level you have set in the app.

If you have several older thermostats, you can buy several smart thermostats that are installed at the same time as the installation of the smart home system in order to save even more electricity. The system supports lots of other devices (Philips hue, IKEA and much more) which you can connect to Futurehome's app and smarthub II which is included in the Power Control Package 2.0.

Complete criteria for getting a refund can be found at ENOVA .

Have you installed a charging box and power control 2.0 and can you apply for a refund from ENOVA here.

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