Tilskudd / støtte til infrastruktur til ladeanlegg - Stavanger kommune - Elbilgrossisten

Did you know that housing cooperatives and condominiums in Stavanger Municipality can receive grants for upgrading/establishing charging infrastructure? Remember that you can apply for support to upgrade or establish charging infrastructure to make it easier to charge at home. The purpose is to encourage safe and easy home charging for electric and hybrid vehicles. The grant/support is a maximum of 150,000 NOK of approved investment costs (infrastructure costs) and is limited to a maximum of 10,000 NOK per charging point.

The municipality may in such cases provide support for excavation costs for laying private and public power cables for electric vehicle charging.

The support scheme aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in Stavanger, by enabling more people to switch from gasoline and diesel cars to electric vehicles.

How much does the municipality provide in support?

• The maximum support amount per housing cooperative/condominium is up to 150,000 NOK.
• The support can constitute a maximum of 50 percent of the excavation costs.
• The support should not exceed a maximum of 10,000 NOK per charging point.

    What can you apply for support for?

    The board of all housing cooperatives and condominiums in Stavanger Municipality can apply for support for only excavation costs for laying both public and the housing cooperative/condominium's own power cables for the establishment or upgrading of charging facilities for electric vehicles.

    What do you not receive support for?

    The support from Stavanger Municipality must be decisive for the project to materialize. This means that support cannot be applied for projects that:

    • have already ordered equipment
    • are under construction before the application is sent
    • are already established/upgraded.

      How do we apply?

      Applications are processed continuously. You will receive a response to the application within 3 weeks.

      Application form for support for charging infrastructure

      Once approval is received and the charging project is completed, submit the Completion Form, with documentation (invoice) of expenses on excavation costs.

      Completion form to get paid support for charging infrastructure

      NB! The final deadline for sending the Completion Form is October 1, 2023, and the support scheme will also be terminated.

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