Tilskudd / støtte til infrastruktur til ladeanlegg - Trondheim kommune - Elbilgrossisten

Did you know that housing cooperatives and condominiums in Trondheim Municipality can receive grants for upgrading/establishing charging infrastructure? Remember that you can apply for support to upgrade or establish charging infrastructure, making it easier to charge at home. The purpose is to encourage safe and easy home charging for electric and hybrid vehicles. The grant/support is a maximum of 20% of approved investment costs (infrastructure costs) and is limited to a maximum of 5,000 NOK per charging point.

Who can apply for a grant

Housing companies (housing cooperatives, condominiums, housing stock companies, homeowners' associations, and housing cooperatives) in Trondheim Municipality can apply.

No support is given to private individuals, state building owners, or municipal actors.

You must apply and have the grant approved before you order materials and services or enter into an agreement with a supplier. If there is a need for an assessment of the electrical system, an external consultant can be contacted before applying for a grant.

Application deadline

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. The application deadline is November 15, 2023.

You will usually receive a response to your application within 14 working days.

Once your application has been approved (grant decision received), you can start the project, meaning accepting offers, entering into work contracts, and carrying out the project.

What is prioritized

The scheme can provide grants for the establishment/upgrading of electrical installations for charging electric and hybrid vehicles in housing companies, including cabling to distribution cabinets in parking facilities and load-sharing systems.

• Incurred costs for external consulting/analysis can be included in the application.
• The support can be a maximum of 20 percent of the investment costs and is limited to a maximum of 5,000 NOK per charging point provided
• Only fixed installations owned by the housing cooperative or condominium can be supported
• Smart charging systems with time and power management are prioritized
• If the total application amount exceeds the allocated frames for the scheme, the municipality will make an individual assessment of the project based on the prioritization criteria
• If the project contributes to facilitating car sharing, by making parking spaces publicly available, it will be considered positive.
• NOTE: Financial support from the municipality must be a trigger for the project to be realized. Therefore, support is not granted retrospectively. Work must not commence before grant approval has been given.

What is not prioritized

• No support is given to individual residents' charging points/charging boxes at each parking space
• No support is given for operation
• No support is given for upgrading of transformer stations. In many cases, it will be possible to install control tools that mean upgrading the transformer is not necessary, and this is covered by the grant scheme
• Buildings under construction cannot apply for grants

Requirements for the application

• Attach documentation from the board that the possibility of establishing infrastructure for charging stations will be assessed
• Attach a price quote from the supplier

Apply for a grant

You apply for a grant in the Grant Base, which is the municipality's application portal. Click here to apply.

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