Charging facility — Hammerfestgata, Oslo

The housing association is centrally located on Rodeløkka in Oslo and wanted a solution that was future-oriented, scalable and fair. Common infrastructure was laid for all the places with a flat cable system. The infrastructure costs were distributed among all housing units and each section owner can thus easily connect to the existing infrastructure when they want a charging station. The system balances loads and phases for optimal utilization of the capacity. With integrated RFID and power meter and a desire to put aside the administration of consumption, a payment solution was chosen.

Facility type Shared ownership
Project name Hammerfestgata housing association
Location Rodeløkka, Oslo
Number of charging boxes/points 27
Type of charging station ZapCharger Pro
Completed 2019 - June
Load balancing Load and phase balancing
Online / Internet connection PLC / Fiber
Back end Zaptec Portal
Payment solution Yes


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