Charging facility — MacGregor Norway AS, Kristiansand

MacGregor Norway AS needed a charging system for its employees that optimally utilized the limited capacity they had. Likewise, it had to be scalable to more parking spaces later. The choice fell on Easee Charge, which balances loads and phases and makes it reasonable for the company to add several charging boxes on the same course without major investments in infrastructure. With integrated RFID and electricity meter, there is flexibility and freedom to choose a payment solution or whether they want to manage payment for electricity consumption themselves.

Facility type Industry / Business
Project name MacGregor Norway AS
Location Barstølveien, Kristiansand
Number of charging boxes/points 8
Type of charging station Ease Charge
Completed 2020 - November
Load balancing Load and phase balancing
Online / Internet connection 4G/LTE
Back end Easy Cloud
Payment solution Yes


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