Charging guide: Charging an electric car abroad - Sweden

Charging abroad - Sweden - Electric car wholesaler

Sockets in Sweden

Voltage: 230V

Frequency: 50Hz
Type C socket - Electric car wholesaler Type F socket - Electric car wholesaler

Recommended charging cables / adapters

It is recommended to have a mode 3 charging cable to charge from public charging stations and a mode 2 charging cable to a normal household socket (schuko) when travelling. Sweden has two types of sockets, Type C (without earth) and Type F. Sweden has a well-developed 400V TN network and therefore there is also access to many red industrial sockets . and thus it can be practical to have cable adapters for your charging cable. At the same time, it depends on which industry contacts you have access to. Note that many charging cables test for grounding before charging starts (for safety reasons) and a lack of grounding can cause the charging cable to refuse to start charging.

Charging tips


    • Public charging stations are easiest to find at and provide you with the most up-to-date information and have an app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • Fortum Charge & Drive

    • It is recommended that you have an RFID chip from them for fast charging as it can be used in both Norway and Sweden. Also has an app for Apple iOS and Android .

  • InCharge

    • RFID chip from InCharge gives you easy access to public charging points and fast charging in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. Also has an app for Apple iOS and Android .

  • Clever

    • Order Clever Fri from Sweden so that you pay according to consumption and the charging card can be used in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The card is sent to your home in advance so that you have easy access to their charging stations. Charging cards can also often be bought at petrol stations that offer charging.

    • E.ON

      • Offers fast charging and has several different subscriptions (RFID/customer card), SMS code activation and can be used by calling the number listed on the charging stations. Charging can also be started using the EasyPark application by switching to Denmark. Can also be activated with an application for Apple iOS and Google Play.

      • OK Q8

        • Has some locations and fast charging where some are free in collaboration with E.ON. Use or E.ON's app / website to find these.

        • Charging app

          • Applications on the phone/tablet make it easy to find charging stations and pay for charging. PlugShare and PlugSurfing are Europe's most used applications for searching for charging points.

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