LG_Type1 and Type2_Type 2

Type 2 (IEC-62196) was designed by Mennekes, and the company name is often used as a popular term. The standard has been developed for the European power grid (TN-S) for alternating current (AC) and has a charging power of up to 43 kW (400V, 63A). The type 2 charging cable has either 3 conductors (1-phase) or 5 conductors (3-phase). In addition to "N-conductor", you will also find L1, L2 and L3 (3-phase). Type 2 charging cable with 4 conductors can charge the car with a triple capacity (3-phase). The charging capacity is respectively 3.7kW (16A) and 7.4kW (32A) for 1-phase, and 11kW (16A) and 22kW (32A) 3-phase.

Most cars manufactured in Europe are delivered with this connector, including Tesla's cars in Europe. Cars with this connector are often also delivered with the possibility of fast charging in the form of the Combined Charging System (CCS). The exception is Tesla's electric cars, which also use the type 2 connector for fast charging via their "SuperCharger" network, as they have a modified version of the same plug and connector. For example, cars such as the VW e-Golf, BMW i3 and Tesla Model S use this charging connector and plug. Most public charging stations are equipped with a type 2 connector.

Safety is ensured by having a short signal pin (CP) and a long signal pin (PP). If the plug is removed from the charging station or car, the short signal pin (CP) will disconnect the voltage before the plug is disconnected from the socket. In this way, any sparks/arcs are avoided so that contacts or plugs are damaged. This extends the durability of the connector and charging cable.


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