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CENTECH Surge Protector- 275V Type 2-2P/ 3P/ 4- Pole- 400V TN-grid

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Product Information

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  • Especially Adapted for 400V TN-grid 
  • Surge Protection Type 2 (intermediate protection)
  • Installs on a DIN-Rail
  • Especially developed against overvoltage in low voltage systems

Overspenningsvern TN-nett 400V 3-fas 1-fas 


Surge protection (etc.) from CENTECH can be used in all types of installations for the distribution of power. It is intended for mounting on a DIN- Rail and fits under a modular cover. Type 2 surge protector is especially developed for protection against overvoltage in low-voltage systems. Most have replaceable protection modules. Enclosures are halogen-free. Manufactured from flame retardant PBT or fire resistant nylon (depending on the model). All terminals are made of copper, if it should be connected with aluminum, transitions must be used.

The surge protector is supplied with a signal contact. This is for indicating the internal fuse within the surge protector.

Can be used on installations with or without distributed soil.

 From 1 January 2019, a surge protector is a legally required protection in the fuse box when installing a new current course to the charging of electrical vehicles. This applies both to a new charging point or charging station.


According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.



Technical Descriptions

Technical Details

Area of Use Indoors in fuse box
Power Grid TN
Rated Voltage 275 (AC)
Number of Poles 2P, 3P and 4-pole
Type 2 (intermediate protection)
Nominal Discharge Surge Current (8/20) Imax  20 kA
Maximum Arrester Surge Current (8/20) Imax 40kA
Security Level / Up @In  <2.0kV
Reaction Time ≤100 ns
Follow Current/ Leakage Current No
Largest Pre-Connected Fuse 125A
Overvoltage Resistance 700V/120min
Operating Temperature - 40ºC - + 80ºC
Cable Cross-Section Single Core 4-35mm².
Multi-stranded with end sleeve 4-25mm²
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Assembly 35mm DIN, according to EN 50022/DIN46277-3
Enclosure Material Thermoplastic, UL94 V-0. Self-extinguishing.
Protection Class (IP) IP20
Installation Width 2 modules, DIN 43880 (2-pole)
3 modules, DIN 43880 (3-pole)
4 modules, DIN 43880 (4-pole)
Thermal Disconnect (internal solder fuse) Indication flag window: Green= normal, Red= fault, replace plug
Signal Contact Yes
Signal Contact Type Potential-free contact set NO/NC
Nominal Voltage/ Current Un/In AC: 250V/0.5A
DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Largest Cross-Section Signal Contact
Max. 1.5 mm² (or # 16AWG)
Sales Packaging 1 pc
Number in D-PAK 6 pcs (2-pole)
4 pcs (4-pole)
Volume 0,439 dm³ 
Packaging Measurements 58 x 97 x 78 mm (applies to all)
Weight 375g (4-pole)
Standards and Approval IEC61643-11:2011; UL1449 4th
Warranty 2 years


Questions and Answers

Do I have to have surge protection?

NEK 400:2018, part standard 722 supply of electrical vehicles states the following:
It is now required that the protection point must be protected by a surge protector. This can preferably be a surge protector that stands in front of the entire installation.

The reason being is that there is a greater increase in the number of rechargeable cars that have been destroyed as a result of lightning surges or connection surges. The repair costs can reach several hundred thousand kroner and it is not certain that this is covered by insurance. It is recommended to interrupt and disconnect the charging equipment during thunderstorms.



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Overspenningsvern - CENTECH - 2-pol 400V TN - CV067300 - Elbilgrossisten

CENTECH Surge Protector- 275V Type 2-2P/ 3P/ 4- Pole- 400V TN-grid

799 kr