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Charge Amps RAY — Schuko til type 1 & type 2 — justerbar ladekabel 6A/10A/16A — 1-fas — 3,6 kW



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Product Information

  • 1A step-by-step adjustable charging cable between 6-16A with type 1 or type 2 plug
  • Very light and thin cable that is soft and easy to handle, even in low temperatures
  • Angled schuko plug that reduces the weight load on the socket
  • Heightened safety with temperature sensor in the household plug

Schuko støpsel Type 1 Type 2 støpsel Mode 2 1-fas 230V 16A 3,7 kW Justerbar Lengde 7,5 meter 

Charge Amps RAY gives electric car owners full control as the operation of the charging is located on the plug itself. It also has built-in LED lights making it easier to operate in the dark. The charging cable has a built-in temperature sensor found in the schuko plug (household plug). This will automatically reduce the amperage to a level where no heat is detected, should the plug become hot (≥85°C). Thus, the RAY will continue to charge your car safely and securely. Furthermore, the schuko plug has a power indicator with an LED light that shows whether there is power in the socket. 


Following the latest directives for charging, the control box is now located 15cm from the wall plug, to ensure that the cable will not be live when the car is fully charged. The control box/draft is the smallest on the market. Just like previous mode 2 and mode 3 charging solutions from Charge Amps, RAY is the lightest, smallest and most user-friendly charging cable. The charging cable has a small display that shows the charging status during charging and enables a step-by-step adjustment with 1A between 6-16A.


RAY is the result of the collaboration with Koeningsegg co-designer Joachim Nordwall and presents a completely new expression of function and design. With RAY, Charge Amps proves its position by developing and producing safe, smart, innovative and attractive solutions for charging your electric car or plug-in hybrid. 



Use ladeguiden (our charging guide) if you are unsure if this product suits your plug-in hybrid or electric car.


Technical Details

Cable Length 7,5 meters
Number of Phases
Amperage Step-by-step adjustable with 1A between 6A-16A
Temperature Sensor
Schuko plug
Operating Voltage
230VAC ±10% (L+N+PE) 50Hz ±1%
Power Consumption
< 1w idle
Power Plug
Schuko/CEE 7/4 (normal household plug)
Charging Plug
Type 2 (Mennekes) / Type 1 (J1772)
Operating Temperature
-30°C to 40°C
Protection Class
IP44 connected to the car
1,5 kgs
5 years



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<b>Charge Amps RAY - Schuko til type 1 & type 2 - justerbar ladekabel 6A/10A/16A - 1-fas</b>  - Elbilgrossisten - 1

Charge Amps RAY — Schuko til type 1 & type 2 — justerbar ladekabel 6A/10A/16A — 1-fas — 3,6 kW

5.995 kr