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Easee Power Rail - Connecting rail

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Product information

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  • Connecting rail for connecting installation cables in poles
  • Maximum conductor cross-section is 25mm² ALU and CU
  • Both for IT and TN networks
  • 5 screw terminals and 4 inputs

Power Rail is a junction box that allows several charging boxes to be connected in series. Connection via Power Rail requires that the current course has a ground fault circuit breaker.

Before installing the Power Rail, be sure to attach the ground plate. The plate is crucial for the connection in the pole and the protective earth (PE).

1. Make sure the upper PE terminal screw is open before attaching the ground plate into the terminal from the back. The earth connection plate must lie flat against the plastic housing.

Easee Power Rail - Step 1

2. Insert the serrated washer on the bolt inside the column. The washer must be placed between the bolt and the Power Rail.

3. Push the Power Rail with the earth connection plate inside the column and place the power rail against the bottom.

Easee Power Rail - Step 2

4. Attach the grounding nut with the spring washer to the bolt.

ATTENTION! To complete the PE connection (grounding), the grounding nut must be attached and the top PE terminal screw must be tightened regardless of whether there is a wire in it or not). This is important! Don't forget this step.

Easee Power Rail - Step 3

The ground rail connects the entire left side to ground, so it is very important that this field is only used for PE connections.

It is recommended that the two bottom terminals be used for forwarding / serial connection of cables. These terminals are suitable for this and support conductor cross-sections up to 25mm² ALU and CU.

Easee Power Rail - Step 4

It is recommended that the top two terminals are used for charging stations and the maximum conductor cross-section is 6mm².

Easee Power Rail - Step 5

The cables must be stripped of 12 mm of insulation and it is recommended to use end sleeves on multi-core cables. The screws must be tightened with a torque of 5 Nm.

NB! Dielectric grease must be added when using ALU conductors.

NB! When connecting multiple backplanes in parallel, each screw terminal acts as a connection point for adjacent backplanes. All back plates must be connected in the same phase sequence / sequence of cables. External junction boxes or flat cables can be used if there are several

NB! It is recommended to follow the existing color codes used in the installation. Depending on national standards, the colors of the cables may differ from the illustrations. The illustrations in this manual follow the IEC 60446 standard.

NB! Before turning on the power, make sure the wires are properly connected and tightened. Test this by pulling on each wire.

Easee Power Rail - Step 6 - The electric car wholesaler

According to regulations on electrical equipment § 21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company .

Technical details

Material Plastic and metal
Weight 200g
Certifications CE
Warranty 2 years

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Documentation FDV documentation (management, operation and maintenance)


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Easee Power Rail - Elbilgrossisten

Easee Power Rail - Connecting rail

499 kr