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EBG — Cable Suspension — Cable holder — Charging cable storage

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Product Information

EBG LOGO - Elbilgrossisten
  • Cable suspension in stainless aluminum- withstands heavy cables
  • Choose between Jet Black and Pure White colors
  • Developed and produced in Norway
  • Keeps the charging cable organized and in place
  • Fits perfectly with plug/ plug holder (sold separately)

    To keep your charging cable and charging plug in order, the EBG cable holder and plug holder are a perfect combination. Long cables can simply be coiled around the cable holder, and the charging plug is stored in the cable holder when not in use. When charging, you only use one hand to release the plug from the plug holder and connect to the car. The cable suspension is universal and fits both plug holders (sold separately) for both type 1 and type 2 charging plugs.

    Solid Supsension in Two Color Options

    You have the freedom to choose between the colors Jet Black (RAL 9005) or Pure White (RAL 9010). The cable hanger is made of aluminum and can hold charging cables of at least 15 meters long.


    Good Rust Protection

    EBG Cable Suspension is powder-coated and does not contain solvents, either in solid form or during the melting/ curing process. It is, therefore, a much more eco-friendly alternative. The powder coating also provides a harder and more resistant surface treatment than traditional solvent-based coating. The suspension has corrosion class ISO-C4 which provides rust protection for industrial areas in accordance with NS-EN ISO 12944-2.


    EBG Cable Suspension is developed and produced in Norway. The product in made to last many years to come.


    Made in Norway - Elbilgrossisten



    The Cable Suspension has been developed for the Norgesstolpen and has a perfect fit in the column. Easily mounted with suitable screws with a maximum diameter of 5mm.

     EBG kabelholder - Kabeloppheng - Front med mål - Elbilgrossisten EBG kabelholder - Kabeloppheng - Profil med mål - Elbilgrossisten


    Do I need  a plug holder for type 1 or type 2?

    Elelectric cars and plug-in hybrids are delivered with either a type 1 eller type 2 charging connector in the car. This is what determines the kind (type of plug) charging cable you need. When charging from a charging station/ charging box, the charging cable will always have a type 2 plug for the charging station. (e.g. public charging post/station) and only the plug towards the car with be either type 1 or type 2.

    Hva er type 1 ladekabel? - Elbilgrossisten Hva er type 2 ladekabel? - Elbilgrossisten

     Plug holder to type 1 plug

    Støpselholder til type 2 plugg

    Støpselholder til type 1 plugg Støpselholder til type 2 plugg


    Technical Details

    Production Material
    Rust free aluminum
    RAL 9005 Jet black
    RAL 9010 Pure White
    Measurements 115 mm (B) x 175,5 mm (H) x 85 mm (D)
    Screw Hole Size
    Ø 5 mm
    100 g
    5 years


    Questions and Answers



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    EBG kabelholder - Kabeloppheng til ladekabel - Elbilgrossisten

    EBG — Cable Suspension — Cable holder — Charging cable storage

    599 kr499 kr
    Jet Black
    Pure White