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EVITA Charging Post — 22kW — 32A/3-phase — Type 2

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21.125 kr
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16A | 1-phase | 230V
32A | 1-phase | 230V
16A | 3-phase | 400V
32A | 3-phase | 400V
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Note! Can only be installed by a registered installation company.
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Product Information

  • Powerful and stylish design - Aluminum finish
  • Practical spiral cable of 4 meters and type 2 plug
  • Built-in DC-RCM 6mA - does not need and earth fault circuit breaker protection type B
  • Intended for outdoor use - IP65

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Type 2 Mode 3 1-fas 3-fas 230V 400V 6-32A ladeeffekt 1.4 - 22 kW ladeeffekt DC-RCM modul 6mA 4 meter ladekabel Spiralkabel

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EVITA Charging post is a Dutch design icon for charging of electrical vehicles. The charging post has an integrated 4 meter spiral cable which makes it easy and seamless to charge your car. Just plug in it in the car. The charging post is made of rust-free aluminum and is supplied either with aluminum or wood finish. The charging station is supplied as 16A or 32A and supports all power grids.

DC-RCM (Residual current module)
New regulations (NEK 400:2018-722 standard) require that all new current courses to be used to charge electrical vehicles must have an earth fault circuit breaker type B or equivalent DC protection. The charging station has an integrated DC-RCM module of 6mA which takes care of the DC protection and means that you do not need earth fault protection type B installed in the fuse box.

Assembly/ Installation
After receiving your charging station from us, you can easily install it by contacting one of our installation partners, (installasjonspartnere) or your local electrician. Upon agreement our partners will visit you for an inspection and will provide a price quote for installation that best suits you and your particular case.



Use ladeguiden (our charging guide) if you are unsure if this product suits your plug-in hybrid or electric car.


Technical Details

Type 2 plug
Number of Phases
1 / 3
Operating Voltage
230V / 400V AC
Earth Fault Protection
Integrated DC-RCM 6mA
Aluminum or wood finish
Charging Standards IEC 61851-1
Operating Temperature -25°C - 50°C
Measurements L 230 mm x W 220 mm x H 130mm
Weight about 20kg
Security/ Protection Class IP65 - Suited for outdoor use
Installation Easy and quick installation. Pre wired cables


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EVITA Ladestasjon - Charging station - Aluminium - Elbilgrossisten

EVITA Charging Post — 22kW — 32A/3-phase — Type 2

21.125 kr
16A | 1-phase | 230V
32A | 1-phase | 230V
16A | 3-phase | 400V
32A | 3-phase | 400V