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Energy meter / Power meter — Inepro Metering PRO1-S — 1-phase — 1 module



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Product information

  • 1-phase kWh power meter for both IT and TN networks
  • Takes only 1 module in the fuse box on a DIN rail
  • Withstands up to 45A current
  • LCD display - easy reading of consumption and other data


230V 1-phase 45a

inepro® PRO1 series is made of halogen-free material and is a 1-phase current meter for use in TT, IT and TN grid systems. The current meter is mounted in a fuse box on a DIN rail (series meter). Practical if you want to have control over how much the electricity course uses. The meters are advanced and can show lots of other data in addition to consumption, such as e.g. voltage and current draw in real time. If it is to be connected with aluminium, transitions must be used. See the "Questions and Answers" tab for the manual.


3 year warranty

According to regulations on electrical equipment § 13, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company.

NB! We remind you that this product must be installed by an authorized electrician.

Technical details

Number of phases 1
Current strength Up to 45A
Operating voltage 230V, Ui=6kV 50hz
Power grid TT-, IT and TN
Screen LCD
Number of modules 1
Reading value kWh
Operating temperature -25°C - 50°C
Goal L 102mm x W 66mm x H 22mm
Weight 95 grams
Safety/protection class IP20
Routines Checked for overheating approximately once a year.
Norm IEC/EN 62053-21.
Warranty 3 years

Questions and answers

The installation and user manual can be downloaded under:

English Charge Amps SPARK User Manual Pro1-S user manual - English

What is the recommended tightening torque?

We recommend a tightening torque of 2-2.5 Nm


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3 year warranty

Energy meter / Power meter — Inepro Metering PRO1-S — 1-phase — 1 module

Energy meter / Power meter — Inepro Metering PRO1-S — 1-phase — 1 module

1.900 kr