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Connection Set/ Connection Clamps/ Terminal Blocks -3P+N+PE- TN-S + IT/TT

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Product Information

  • Connection set/ connecting clamps of 4x50mm²
  • Molded in polyethylene
  • Flexible grounding with attached RK 16mm² and cable shoe for M6 screws
  • Rust free M6 screws and spring washers included

Connection clamps/ terminal blocks
This makes it easy to connect the installation cables together. Suitable for cables up to 50mm² in cable cross section. The package/ connection set contains 5 pcs connecting clamps

  • 3 pcs for current phases (IT 1- and 3-phase)
  • 1 pc for neutral conductors (for TN-S)
  • 1 pc for earth connections (PE)

Technical Information

  • Approved cable cross section AL-cable: 10-50mm²
  • Approved cable cross section CU-cable: 1,5-35mm²
  • Torque for AL-cable: 10 Nm
  • Torque for Cu 1,5-6mm²: 4 Nm
  • Torque for Cu 10-35mm²: 10 Nm
  • Stripping Length: 17 mm
  • Max Voltage: 450V
  • Max Load: 100A

 Connection set complies with IEC 61545:1996 and EN 60 998-2-1.


According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


Technical Details

Material Polyethylene

White, blue and yellow/green

Distribution System
Maximum Voltage (V) 450V
Degree of Protection
Cable Cross Section
AL 10-50mm² - 10 Nm
CU 10-35mm² - 10 Nm
CU 1,5-6mm² - 4 Nm
Cable Type
0,2 kg
2 years


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Connection Set/ Connection Clamps/ Terminal Blocks -3P+N+PE- TN-S + IT/TT

Connection Set/ Connection Clamps/ Terminal Blocks -3P+N+PE- TN-S + IT/TT

749 kr