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SPARK UNIVERSAL- Schuko/ CEE/ type 2 to type 2- adjustable charging cable 6A-32A -- 32A/ 3-phase- 22kW



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Product Information

Mode 2 ladekabel - SPARK UNIVERSAL - Charging cable for EV - Universal ladekabel for elbil og hybrid - Elbilgrossisten
  • Universal charging cable which can be used in sockets, industrial sockets and type 2 contact (on charging stations)
  • Replaces type 2 to type2 charging cable- the perfect charging cable for traveling
  • Adjustable charging cable between  10A/13A/16A/23A/32A with type 2 plug
  • 7,5 meter quality cable from Germany HELUKABEL
  • Extremely small control box- low weight
  • Highest Security - built-in earth fault breaker and DC-filter 6mA

Schukostøpsel Blå 16A CEE Rød CEE 32A Type 2 støpsel 400V 3-fas 230V 1-fas 6-32A 22kW Justerbar DC-Filter Lengde 7,5 meter

SPARK UNIVERSAL is the ultimate charging cable for electrical vehicles. Whether it is an electric car, hybrid car or a motorcycle. It replaces all charging cables while giving you the possibility to charge from almost all contacts. SPARK Universal delivers 8 adapters with the following plugs.


Plug to (wall)/contact  Maximum charging effect Plug to vehicle 
CEE 7/4 — 10A 1-fase schuko plug/ household plug 2,3 kW Type 2
216-6 — 16A 1-phase blue industrial plug (3-pins) 3,6 kW Type 2
316-9 — 16A 3-phase blue industrial plug (4-pins) 3,6 kW Type 2
416-6 — 16A 3-phase red industrial plug (5-pins) 11 kW Type 2
232-6 — 32A 1-phase blue industrial plug (3-pins) 7 kW Type 2
332-9 — 32A 3-phase blue industrial plug (4-pins) 7 kW Type 2
432-6 — 32A 3-phase red industrial plug (5-pins) 22 kW Type 2
IEC 62196 — 32A 3-phase type 2 plug (7-pins) 22 kW Type 2



Each adapter is coded so that the electronics do not allow charging with more than what the device allows. Quick connection makes it easy to switch adapters. The charging cable is 7.5 meters and has an extremely small control box which makes it easy to use. The charging cable has full DC- protection via the DC- filter of 6mA which means that it can be safely connected to all dedicated current courses. The electronics control (EVSE) performs a self-diagnosis when it is connected to the main line and will display an error code by flashing an LED light. The self- diagnosis includes: 

  • Continuous monitoring of the cables between the power grid and EVSE
  • Continuous monitoring of the cables between EVSE and the vehicle 
  • Continuous monitoring for earth fault and the voltage.
      • In the event of an overvoltage or detection of an earth fault, the vehicle will be disconnected within 40ms. 
  • Earth fault breaker type A m/ DC-filter 6mA
    • Continuous monitoring of connection elements
    • Integrated protection against overheating

    The charging cable is constructed in accordance with IEC 62196 and IEC 61851-1 and fulfills all security requirements. 


    Adjusting of Current Strength 

    SPARK UNIVERSAL can adjust the amperage between levels 10A/13A/16A/23A/32A or up to the maximum level that the adapter is coded for. This is easily done through a button/switch that shows the set current strength. It is useful for cars that do not have this option via the car. 



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    Technical Details

    Cable Length 7,5 meter
    Number of Phases
    1 / 3
    Adjustable between 10A/13A/16A/23A/32A
    Power Max 32A
    Operating Voltage 230V / 400V
    Effect 22 kW
    Power Consumption 0,35W standby
    Power Plug

    CEE 7/4 — 10A 1-phase schuko plug/ household plug
    216-6 — 16A 1-phase blue industrial plug (3-pins)
    316-9 — 16A 3-phase blue industrial plug (4-pins)
    416-6 — 16A 3-phase red industrial plug (5-pins)
    232-6 — 32A 1-phase blue industrial plug (3-pins)
    332-9 — 32A 3-phase blue industrial plug (4-pins)
    432-6 — 32A 3-phase red industrial plug (5-pins)
    IEC 62196 — 32A 3-phase type 2 plug (7-pins)

    Charging plug
    Type 2 (IEC 62196)
    Earth Fault Protection Type A m/ DC-filter 6mA - DC-RCM - protection acc. NEK400:2014
    Measurements of Control Unit
    5cm x 8cm x19cm (HxWxL)
    Operating Temperature
    -30°C to 50°C
    Protection Class IP65 on the control box and IP44 connected to the car
    Weight 5 kg
    IEC 62196, IEC 61851-1, CE, EMV, RoHS
    Warranty 3 years


    Questions and Answers

    Is there a user manual for this product?
    Below is a link providing a users manual in Norwegian.

    Engelsk Charge Amps SPARK Brukermanual Bruksanvisning - SPARK Universal


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    3 års garanti

    SPARK Universal - Universal ladekabel med 8 adaptere - Elbilgrossisten

    SPARK UNIVERSAL- Schuko/ CEE/ type 2 to type 2- adjustable charging cable 6A-32A -- 32A/ 3-phase- 22kW

    14.990 kr