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Tesla UMC Gen. 2 — charging cable adapter — 32A

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Product Information

  • Suitable for Tesla Universal Mobile Charger (UMC) Generation 2
  • 3 different industrial plugs — 232-6, 332-9 and 432-6
  • Maximum 7,4 kW charging effect (32A /1-fase)
  • 0,3 meter cable


Tesla's own portable charging cable is also called a Universal Mobile Charger (UMC). This charging cable is versatile and supports multiple types of adapters so that you can charge from several plugs/ outlets with one and the same charging cables. This adapter gives you the opportunity to charge up to 7,4 kW (32A/1-phase) and can be supplied with 3 different industrial plugs. 

  1. 232-6 plug — Blue 3-pins - 32A/1-phase 230V plug
  2. 332-9 plug — Blue 4-pins - 32A/3-phase 230V plug
  3. 432-6 plug — Red 5-pins - 32A/3-phase 400V plug


Note that there are different sizes in 16A and 32A and they will not fit interchangeably. The adapter only fits Tesla's UMC generation 2 and will only charge with 1- phase regardless of which plug is used. 


The adapter has an internal circuit that monitors the temperature in the plug and communicates with the car to automatically adjust the charging current up to 32A. It improves safety while charging.


Does this adapter fit my UMC?
The first generation UMC uses a compact adapter (in one piece) which connects directly to the adapter connector. The second generation UMC now uses a "pig tail" type adapter which plugs directly into the UMC (electronics).

Below you will find the difference between the generations of Tesla's UMC charging cable:


 Tesla UMC Gen 1 Tesla UMC Gen 2
Tesla UMC Gen 1 Tesla UMC Gen 2
Adapter connection on Tesla UMC Gen 1 Adapterkobling på Tesla UMC Gen 2
Tesla UMC Gen 1 - Adapterkobling - Elbilgrossisten Tesla UMC Gen 2 - Adapterkobling - Elbilgrossisten


 Tesla adapterkoblinger
Tesla UMC adapterkoblinger - Elbilgrossisten


Technical Details

Cable Length
0,3 meters
Number of Phases 1
Maximum Charging Effect
7,2 kW (limited by UMC)
Cable Color
Operating Voltage 230V
Conductors 3 x 5 mm² + 2x 0,5mm²
Adapter Plug
Tesla proprietary adapter plug
Wall Plug
232-6, 332-9 or 432-6
Protection Class
Weight 1 kilos
2 years



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Tesla UMC Gen 2 Adapter - 232-6 - Elbilgrossisten

Tesla UMC Gen. 2 — charging cable adapter — 32A

1.390 kr