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NEK Cable- TFXP/ MR FLEX installation cable- 400/1000V- CU 4G6mm²- Ø14,2 mm- Black

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Product Information

  • TFXP installation cable (double insulated) for fixed installation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage- cable can be laid directly on the ground without pipes
  • The installation cable is well suited for use on cable bridges or laid in ducts and pipes
  • Price per meter


TFXP KABEL - Elbilgrossisten PFXP installasjonskabel — 4G6mm² — Elbilgrossisten NEK Kabel - MR FLEX - Kabeltverrsnitt - Ø14,2mm  230V 1-fas 


TFXP installation cable for low- voltage systems (230V/ 400V) which is suitable for fixed installation on cable bridges, ducts, in pipes or insulated walls without additional protection. The cable can be installed outdoors directly on a wall and directly to the ground. The cable is muli-stranded which is double insulated with separate earth conductors. The cable is UV- resistant, oil and chemical- resistant, and protected against water penetration. This product is a further development and improvement of PFXP. 


NEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Kan graves direkte i bakken - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Fleksibel - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - UV bestandig - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Oljebestandig - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Tåler vann - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Maks ledertemp 90 C - ElbilgrossistenNEK KABEL - TFXP - MR FLEX - Sertifisert - Elbilgrossisten


Higher operating temperature, which also allows a higher load with the same conductor cross-section. TFXP MR Flex is also suitable electric car charging stations, heat pumps, ovens, extension cables and use at dock facilities. 



See load table referring to installation types A2, B2, C, D2 and E. It is flexible and easier to handle and install. The cable is double insulated and can be installed in the wall, laid in a cable trench outdoors, such as when connecting to outdoor cabinet or enclosure according to NEK 399


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According to regulations on electrical equipment §13, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


Technical Details

 Conductor Cross-section 6mm²
Number of Conductors 3P + PE (4G6mm²)
Conductor Marking Brown, black, grey+ yellow/green (PE)
Type of Conductor Multi-stranded, round copper/ Kl.5= multi-stranded
Conductor Material Copper
Voltage 600V / 1000V
Outer Diameter Ø13mm
Color of Cable/ Outer Sleeve Black, lead-free, UV-resistant PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Isolation Double isolated, lead-fre PVC
Maximum Operating Temperature 90°C
Minimum Handling Temperature -30°C
Conduction Resistance DC max. +20°C 3,08 ohm/km
Weight 323,3g pr. meter
Fire Class acc. EN 13501-6 ECA
Flame Resistant  After EN 60332-1-2
Sales Packaging Per meter
Installation Pulled into pipes/ directly on the wall
Standard CENELEC HD 21.4 S2; NEK IEC 60332-1/ EN50265

Questions and Answers

What type of cable is this?
This is an installation cable for your charging station which is installed directly into the charging box.



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3 års garanti


NEK Cable- TFXP/ MR FLEX installation cable- 400/1000V- CU 4G6mm²- Ø14,2 mm- Black

NEK Cable- TFXP/ MR FLEX installation cable- 400/1000V- CU 4G6mm²- Ø14,2 mm- Black

102 kr