Charging guide: Charging an electric car abroad - Belgium

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Sockets in Belgium

Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50 Hz
Type C socket - Electric car wholesaler Type E socket - Electric car wholesaler

Recommended charging cables / adapters

It is recommended to have a mode 3 charging cable to charge from public charging stations and a mode 2 charging cable to a normal household socket (schuko) when travelling. In Belgium they use schuko Type C (without earth) and E (ground pin at 12 o'clock) and only schuko plug Type F with extra pin holes fit. Note that charging via type C may mean that the charging cable will not work due to the absence of grounding (due to safety).

Charging tips

Most public charging stations have a type 2 connector and require a subscription and charging card from local suppliers. Public charging stations can be found at and they give you the most up-to-date information and they also have applications for Apple iOS and Google Play.

  • PlugSurfing
    • A subscription from PlugSurfing and app gives you access to public charging stations in Belgium, England, France, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Austria.

  • New Motion
    • New Motion is one of Europe's most used applications for searching for charging points and it is free to order a charging card that gives access to over 80,000 charging points in Europe.

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