Charging guide: Charging an electric car abroad - Denmark

Charging electric cars abroad - Denmark - Electric car wholesaler

Sockets in Denmark

Voltage: 230V

Frequency: 50Hz
Type C socket - Electric car wholesaler Type E socket - Electric car wholesaler Type F socket - Electric car wholesaler Type K socket - Electric car wholesaler

Recommended charging cables / adapters

It is recommended to have a mode 3 charging cable to charge from public charging stations and a mode 2 charging cable to a normal household socket (schuko) when travelling. Denmark mainly uses two types of sockets, Type E with earth pin (at 12 o'clock) or Type K with pin hole for earth (at 6 o'clock), although Type F and C exist. When using Type E, charging cable with Schuko plug Type F with extra pin holes fit Type E. Schuko type K should only be used with a transition to Schuko type E to get ground when charging. Such an adapter can e.g. can be purchased here before departure. Note that many charging cables test for grounding before charging starts (for safety reasons) and a lack of grounding can cause the charging cable to refuse to start charging. It can also be practical to have a transition from 216-6 industrial socket to normal schuko.

Charging tips

Public charging stations can be found at Clever and E.ON and they provide you with the most up-to-date information. Both also have applications for Apple iOS and Google Play.

Most public charging stations have a type 2 connector and require a subscription or charging card from local suppliers. A subscription or charge card from Clever offers prepaid charging or payment after consumption. The card can be sent to your home in advance so that you can access their charging stations. Several tourist offices also sell recharge cards in Denmark. Note that we recommend that you order Clever Fri from Sweden, which can be used in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

E.ON has several different subscriptions and they can also be used by calling the number listed on the charging stations. Charging can also be started using the EasyPark application by switching to Denmark.

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