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Model 3 / Y - 7" Rear Seat Screen / Touchscreen with Climate Control

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Product Information

  • Smartphone integration — Apple Carplay and Android Auto
  • Watch movies and series — Compatible with most streaming services
  • 7" IPS screen — 1024x600 pixel LCD resolution
  • Comfort and control — Adjust the seat warmers for each individual back seat and the car's AC
  • Stylish design — Perfectly fits Tesla Model 3 and Y
  • Android system OS - download and use your favorite apps from Google Play Store

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    With an integrated touchscreen / rear-seat screen, you provide passengers in the back seat with entertainment and control. It's perfect for families with children and will be a valuable investment on long journeys.

    Control of air conditioning and seat warmers

    Let them control their own comfort

    The rear-seat screen gives passengers access to the car's air conditioning / AC, rear seat heaters, and volume adjustment. With WiFi, they will also have access to features such as a browser, music, audiobooks, and much more that can contribute to a comfortable car trip.

    Description of the 7-inch touchscreen for Model Y and Model 3 - Elbilgrossisten

    Warmth in the back seat

    Easily adjust the warmth in all back seats via the screen. You can choose between three levels.

    Adjustment of warmth in the back seat - Elbilgrossisten

    The screen also allows for adjusting the front passenger seat from the back seat. Handy when a child seat takes up too much space or you need to load long items into the car.

    Note: The screen is specially designed for Tesla Model Y 2020+ and Model 3 2017+. Compatible with Tesla Intel chips and the new AMD Ryzen.

    For Model 3 2017-2019/02 use - 20pin (Type-A).

    For Model 3 2019/03-2020 use 26pin (Type-A).

    For Model 3 2021+ / Model Y use 26pin (Type-C).

    To get Netflix and Disney+ you must manually install the files via the USB port to the system. Read more in the questions and answers.

    Technical Details

    Screen Size
    Resolution 1024x600
    Type of Screen IPS - touch screen
    Color Black
    Storage Space 32 GB
    Memory 2 GB
    Operating System Android 10.0 / 11.0
    Smartphone Integration Carplay and Android Auto
    Warranty 2 years

    Questions and Answers

    Can the screen be connected to third-party Bluetooth headsets? Unfortunately, the device has a Bluetooth limitation to only communicate with a smartphone and Tesla's integrated Bluetooth. Third-party Bluetooth devices unfortunately do not work.

    How do I get Netflix and Disney+?
    Download our guide to get these installed.

    Can I install this myself?
    Yes, you can. Feel free to use our installation guide.

    Will the installation affect the car's warranty?
    The installation of such a screen will NOT affect the car's warranty, as there are no modifications to existing clips or similar. It's a plug & play installation.

    Why won't the touchscreen work after installation?
    You need to calibrate the touchscreen. Place 5 fingers on the screen for about 2 seconds, and then the calibration interface will appear. After calibration, you can get the touchscreen function.

    Does the screen have the capability for a 4G/LTE sim card?
    No, only WiFi. A hotspot / sharing internet via mobile makes it possible to stream while driving. Alternatively, a WiFi router with 4G in the car.



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    Model 3 / Y - 7" bakseteskjerm / berøringsskjerm med klimakontroll - Elbilgrossisten AS

    Model 3 / Y - 7" Rear Seat Screen / Touchscreen with Climate Control

    6.995 kr