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Easee Charge charging unit (Charge Berry)- 22kW- 32A/1+3- Phase- Type 2 contact




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Note! Can only be installed by a registered installation company.
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Product Information

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  • Easee Charge charging unit- Charging unit only (Charge berry)
  • Simply clicks onto the back plate
  • Meant for system charging in a larger charging facility 
  • Supports all power grids (IT, 230V/1+3-Phase, TT and TN 400V) and all amperage (6-32A)
  • 5 years warranty- Safe and secure

Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 lading 400V 230V 3-fas 1-fas 6-32A ladestrøm - Elbilgrossisten 1,4-22 kW ladeeffekt - Elbilgrossisten DC-RCM modul 6mA

Lastbalansering Fasebalansering Justerbar Energimåler - Easee Home - Ladeboks - Elbilgrossisten RFID kortleser Easee Home Ladeboks - eSim - 4G LTE - Elbilgrossisten WiFi Easee App - Elbilgrossisten IP54 



Freedom to choose a color

The charging station is delivered in 5 different colors so that you have the freedom to choose which charging box will match your car or house.

Easee Home - Front deksler - Farge - Elbilgrossisten


Charging unit/ Charge Berry

This patented 3- part installation- with its unique back plate, charge berry (the charging unit itself), and front cover, makes installation extremely easy and quick. It's a breeze to connect one or more charging stations. The electrician, first, installs the back plate onto the wall, connects the power conductors, and then "clicks" the charge berry/ charging unit in place on the back plate. This saves- not only the electrician's time and frustration, but your own money. This unique installation makes it possible for you to install the charging unit and exchange it afterwards if, contrary to conjecture, it were to become defective. This minimizes downtime and allows you to, again, continue charging as normal. 
Easee ladestasjon - Beskrivelse - 3-delt installasjon

According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


Technical Details

Charging Port Type 2 contact, female (IEC 62196-1/2)
Charging Mode
Mode 3
Number of Phases 1 / 3
Power Supply 6-32A
Power Grid IT (230V) and TN (400V) (automatic detection)
Charging Current stepless (1A) adjustments between 6A-32A (1,4 - 22 kW)
Operating Voltage 230V - 400 VAC
Frequency 50-60 hz
Power Consumption <1 W standby
Automatic Fuse 3x32A, type C
Earth Fault Protection Built-in electronic earth fault protection A (30mA) + 6mA DC-RCM / RDC-PD (IEC 62955:
Operating Temperature -30°C to +50°C
Authorization RFID/NFC, 13,56 Mhz / Application
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2,4 GHz)
Telecommunications e-SIM - 4G/GPRS
Communication Protocols Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1), WiFi, RFID/NFC and OCPP 1.6
Third Party Integration Options
OCPP 1.6 and API
Functions Load balancing- up to three charging boxes. Support for wireless load balancing of main fuse. Energy measuring soft start
Senser Pressure sensor- Manual adjustments of charging strength and adjustments of smart charging. Light sensor- automatic adjustments of LED light strength 
Energy Control Prepared for smart homes.
Energy Meter Integrated energy meter in the charging station with +/- 5% accuracy of electricity and voltage
Theft Protection Electronic (charging unit/ charge berry) can be deactivated and trace thievery. The electronics can be locked to the back plate with a hidden padlock. The charging cable can be locked to a type 2 connector. 
Software Updates Automatic download (included)
Protection Class IP54
Fire Protection UL94
Impact Resistance IK10
UV-Protection UV 
Isolation Class II (4kV AC and 6kV impulse, isolation)
Overvoltage Class >III (4kV)
Measurements 194 x 256 x 106 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Standards and Approval IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22
Radio Equipment Directive 2014/ 53/EU
ROHS directive 2011 /65/EU
Warranty 5 years


Questions and Answers

WiFi- interface

How do I get access to the WiFi- interface?
1) Connect your phone to the charging robot's shared wifi- network. If your phone does not find shared Wifi- networks, hold down the touch button for 5 seconds. Turn off and on the power of the charging robot to access the installation menu, if the Wifi- network for installation is not available. 
2) Type in the search engine. 
3) Log in by using the pin found on the charging robot/ electrical device. 

If you don't get in, try another phone. On some phones, Wifi+ must also be switched off. 

Why do I only get the user menu with two choices when I connect to the WiFi- interface?
Turn the power to the charging robot on and off again to gain access to the installation menu.
Note* There may be differences between the Wifi- interface and what you see in the user and installation guide- as new functionality will continually be implemented.

How do I connect the charging robot to my local WiFi- network?                                                                               You will need to connect to where there is 4G first and then update your software- If you have older software. 


Is it safe to have the cable entry on the top of the charging robot and can it be left outdoors?
Yes, the product is developed for the cable to enter in from the top. It has been taken into account that water can get in if the gaskets do not seal completely against the cable. 

Is it allowed to have several charging stations on the same course?
Yes, as long as the load management is included in the charging equipment (such as in the charging robot from Easee), it is permitted to connect several chargers to the same fuse. This is explained in more detail in NEK400 (NEK400:2018) found in paragraph 722.302 and in paragraph 722.533.101.

Will other pre-connected protections affect the charging station's functionality?
No, it is recommended that an external earth fault protection type A is installed on the charging course in accordance with current regulations. The protection in the charger will not be affected by or affect the function of other external protections. 
It is not technically problematic with a pre-connected earth fault protection type B. The only thing that theoretically can happen is if B protection in the cabinet can loosen 
The built-in protector in the charger is electronic and turns off the power to the electric car if it measures a DC- power leakage of 4-6mA and/if an AC power leakage of 20-30mA. This should, therefore, provide a certain selectivity in the system, so that any external A protection is not normally triggered by an earth fault (AC and/or DC). The electronic protection in the charger restarts simply by plugging the charging cable in and out of the electric car's charging connector.

Access control, Availability, and Security

Can I lock my charging robot so that it is unavailable for another's usage? 
Yes, by holding in the touch button for 5 seconds you will access a local user interface. Either deactivate the point of charging or activate the RFID access control feature. 

Can I lock the Type 2 cable permanently in my charging robot?
Yes, this can be done via the local user interface.

I can't unplug my charging cable. What do I do?
Push/press the connector in, then try taking in and out the charging cable from the electric car. Alternatively, you can open/close the lock via the user menu (hold the button for 5 seconds until you hear a confirmation tone to activate it).


Load Balancing

Can the charging robot dynamically load balance with my house so that I avoid blowing my main fuse?                   Yes, however, it requires external hardware which can connect to your power meter. We will develop and complete this product in Q2 2020.


We are proud of our products and it is important for us that you, as a customer, are satisfied. That's why we give you a 2 year warranty on the vast majority of our products- with the exception of consumer goods.  Look for the warranty logo to see what applies to this particular product. Our warranty means that this product should function as expected through it's entire warranty time. (In addition to your rights under the Consumer Goods Act). Read more about this warranty in our purchase conditions kjøpsbetingelser.



Easee - Ladeenhet - Charge Berry - Elbilgrossisten

Easee Charge charging unit (Charge Berry)- 22kW- 32A/1+3- Phase- Type 2 contact

14.000 kr