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Easee Equalizer — Dynamic Load Management/ Balancing of the Main Fuse




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Product Information

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  • Equalizer Home provides automatic dynamic load balancing of the main fuse to the Easee charging station(s)
  • Charge with up to 32A when electrical consumption in the home is low
  • Adapt the charging of your electric car(s) according to the power tariff
  • Communicates with the charging station via EaseeLink™ radio frequency or via WiFi
  • Easily attaches to the fuse box with built-in magnets
  • Monitor the energy consumption in the house/building through the Easee App
  • Plug & Play -1 click setup when the Equalizer is used with the Easee charging station
  • Easily connects to HAN-port on your AMS-meter

400V 230V 3-fas 1-fas Easee Equalizer - Smarthus - Elbilgrossisten HAN-plugg - AMS måler - Easee Equalizer - Elbilgrossisten Lastbalansering Fasebalansering Justerbar WiFi 


Easee Equalizer provides you the option of dynamic load control/ balancing of your main fuse. The Equalizer (the sensor) reads the electricity consumption in the house in real time and will automatically adjust the charging of the car(s) according to how much electricity is available in the house. This means that you can use all the available power for electric car charging when the power consumption in the house/ building is low. This is very practical when you have a small main fuse, or limited capacity if there are other devices in the home or building that draw a lot of electricity.

Equalizer makes it easy to monitor energy consumption in the house and choose the right time to charge when electricity is at its cheapest, or when solar energy is available from solar panels.


Easee Equalizer - Liten og lett

 Easee Equalizer is a small and light sensor that fits most places

Easee App - Overvåk strømforbruket i boligen, hytta eller bygningen via Easee appen

Easee App - Overvåk strømforbruket i boligen, hytta eller bygningen med Equalizer og via Easee appen


The Equalizer is easily connected to the HAN port on your AMS power meter. With a simple 1-click configuration, the Equalizer communicates with the charging robot(s), via EaseeLink™ radio frequency or WiFi. The range of radio RF is approximately 30-50 meters depending on location and built-up area. It is developed and manufactured in Norway and is 100% compatible with AMS current meters in Norway, and partially Sweden. Easily attached to the inside of the fuse box with built-in magnets.

Easee Equalizer - Profil - Elbilgrossisten Easee Equalizer - På vegg - Elbilgrossisten


Smart power management

The Equalizer ensures your car(s) charging occurs at the most suitable time, (e.g. when the demand for power for other devices/ products is low in the home/building). Easee Link™ makes certain that the automatic dynamic load balancing  continues to operate if the connection to the cloud is lost, or if there should be a problem with your wireless network.


Placement of Easee Equalizer

Placement of the Easee Equalizer- Alternative 1

Inside the fuse box- the majority uses this solution, and it works just fine as long as it is possible to make contact with the charging robot(s). This provides feedback on the Easee App.

Easee Equalizer - Plassering 1 - Elbilgrossisten
Easee Equalizer - Plassering alternativ 2 - Elbilgrossisten

Placement of Easee Equalizer- Alternative 2

If it is not possible to establish contact, the Equalizer must be moved out of the fuse box! The Equalizer has built-in magnets, which make it possible to easily place on the magnetic door of the fuse box.



Placement of Easee Equalizer- Alternative 3

If there is still no connection, the Equalizer must be placed closer to the charging station. This can be done by using the "wall mounting disk". As seen in the image, it is placed above the fuse box to illustrate mounting on the wall. Although it is still close to the fuse box, it can be a good option, as it will be easier to get in and out of the fuse box without worrying about the wire. An RJ-45 extension cable can also be used to place the Equalizer closer to the charging station.

Easee Equalizer - Plassering alternativ 3 - Elbilgrossisten

Super simple installation- Pair, plug & play

(1) Hold the Equalizer over the light strip on your Easee charging box to pair the device (Equalizer) with the charging station. This sends Wifi information to your Equalizer using Easee Pairing™ (the Easee Charging Robot should beep and flash green one time) 

(2) Connect the Equalizer to the HAN port on your AMS power meter. It will automatically connect itself to the same WiFi network as your charging station and begin to send real-time data to your charging station and Easee App. The HAN port must be opened in order for the Equalizer to receive incoming data. This is done by contacting your network company. The procedure with the various network owners can be found here- her.


What is a HAN port?

Home Area Network (HAN) is a separate physical output (port) on your new automatic power meter (AMS-meter) in your fuse box. On these power meters, there is a so-called HAN port which you can activate if the network company has enabled it. This port can give you detailed information about your power consumption. The Easee Equalizer is compatible with all new AMS power meters in Norway with a HAN port.

AMS-måler - Forklaring - Elbilgrossisten

Where can I find the HAN port on the various smart meters?

There are mainly three different AMS/ Smart meters that are used in Norway. Below we have marked (red ring) where the HAN port is normally found on these three different models. Note that these different models and power meter images may differ from the exact model you may have.

Aidon logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

Aidon AMS Måler - HAN-Port

Kamstrup logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kamstrup AMS Smart måler - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kaifa Logo - Elbilgrossisten AS

Kaifa Nuri AMS Smart Måler - Beskrivelse - Elbilgrossisten AS

According to regulations on electrical equipment §21, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.


Technical Details

Function Automatic load balancing between the charging robots and the building/ main fuse
Measurements 131 x 131 x 39 mm (LxWxD)
Cable Length 1,5 meter
Connection RJ 45 LAN - HAN-port (Home Area Network)
Power Supply Via HAN-port
Wireless Connection Wi-Fi / Radio RF (range of 30-50 meters depending on conditions)
Color White
Weight 150 grams
Standards and Approval Radio Equipment Directive 2014/ 53/EU
ROHS directive 2011 /65/EU
Warranty 5 years


Questions and Answers

AMS Meters in Norway

Is the Equalizer suitable for all AMS power meters in Norway?

Yes, it is suitable for all Norwegian AMS power meters.



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Easee Equalizer - Dynamisk lastbalansering av hovedsikring / AMS-måler

Easee Equalizer — Dynamic Load Management/ Balancing of the Main Fuse

1.495 kr