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EBG cable holder with angled plug holder (For Type 1 plug)



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Product information

  • Robust cable suspension in stainless aluminium, developed and manufactured in Norway, can withstand heavy cables of up to 25 metres.
  • Fits perfectly with Type 1 car charging cable : Angled connector protects against weather and takes up less space.
  • Simple and practical: One-handed release mechanism for charging plug and effective protection against water and dirt.
  • Complete solution for storing both charging cable and plug, ensures order and protection.

The electric car wholesaler

    Discover the ideal solution for storing your charging equipment with our EBG cable holder combined with an angled plug holder. This combination offers a seamless way to keep both the charging cable and charging plug in order. Long cables can be easily coiled around the cable holder, while the charging plug is stored safely in the plug holder, protected from water and dirt to reduce the formation of rust and rust. The angled design of the plug holder ensures that your plug is well protected against the elements.

    With a one-hand release mechanism, charging is as easy as releasing the plug from the socket holder and connecting it to the car. Designed specifically for type 2 plugs, this solution fits most modern electric vehicles in Europe, such as the e-Golf. Are you still unsure about the type of plug your car has? Take a look at our charging guide for more information.

    Mounts easily with suitable screws of maximum 5mm diameter.

    Do I need a plug holder for type 1 or type 2?

    Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are delivered with either a type 1 or type 2 charging connector in the car. This is what determines the kind (type of plug) charging cable you need. When charging from a charging station / charging box, the charging cable will always have a type 2 plug for the charging station (e.g. public charging post/station) and only the plug towards the car will be either type 1 or type 2.

    What is type 1 charging cable? - The electric car wholesaler What is type 2 charging cable? - The electric car wholesaler

    Plug holder for type 1 plug

    Plug holder for type 2 plug

    Plug holder for type 1 plug Plug holder for type 2 plug

    Technical details

    Production material (Cable suspension) Stainless aluminium
    Production material (Plug holder) ABS plastic
    Color (Cable suspension) RAL 9005 Jet black (Black)
    Dimensions (Cable suspension) 115mm (W) x 175.5mm (H) x 85mm (D)
    Dimensions (Plug holder) 98.5mm x 98.5mm x 93mm
    Screw hole size (Cable suspension) Ø 5 mm
    Screw Hole Size (Plug Holder) 4.5 mm
    Weight (Cable suspension) 100 g
    Weight (Plug holder) 120 g
    Certifications CE
    Warranty 5 years

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    EBG Kabeloppheng + type 1 pluggholder - Elbilgrossisten

    EBG cable holder with angled plug holder (For Type 1 plug)

    748 kr
    Jet Black / Black
    Pure White / White