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HS-X Box Transport Box for Trailer Hitch / Hook - Alternative to Roof Box



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Product Information

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  • Extremely sturdy and corrosion-resistant aluminum suitable for seawater and salted roads
  • Quick and easy mounting directly onto the trailer hitch / hook
  • No need to climb on the car for skis and other luggage
  • No wind noise from roof racks and roof boxes
  • No height reduction during ferry transport and in parking garages
  • Energy-saving with little to no air resistance

The Ultimate Transport Box

The HS-XBOX transport box for trailer hitches / hooks makes it extremely practical and easy to transport items such as:

  • Skis and poles
  • Travel bags
  • Holiday equipment
  • Leisure equipment
  • Golf equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Hunting trophies / equipment
  • Tools
  • And much more

The transport box can be mounted on all types of cars with trailer hitches and is a good alternative to a roof ski box. You avoid having to climb on the car to pack and transport your things. It is so practical that children can get the equipment out themselves without help. For example, a 190 cm HS-XBOX can accommodate 200 cm cross-country skis diagonally.

HS-XBOX - Transport of skis on trailer hitch - Elbilgrossisten

Tailored to Your Needs

The HS-X Box Transport Box comes in four sizes and two different materials, making it easy to find the size and type that suits you and your car.

Internal dimensions (LxWxH cm) Weight (kg) Material
HS-XBOX-120 115 x 34 x 38 16 Aluminum
HS-XBOX-180 173 x 33 x 38 20 Aluminum
HS-XBOX-200 200 x 45 x45
28 Aluminum
HS-XBOX-210 210 x 45 x45 29 Aluminum
HS-XBOX-190GF 190 x 48 x 48 35 Fiberglass

The maximum weight is 60kg evenly distributed.

Would you like your transport box to match the color of your car? The fiberglass variants can be painted another color.

Practical and Time-Saving

The best thing about the HS-X Box is the time-saving aspect. You use a fraction of the time to pack the car for a trip and your car does not get dirty inside. Dismantling the transport box is done in a very short time. At the same time, there is no risk of damaging the roof or sun/glass roof.

Note! Depending on the type of car the transport box is used on, extra plates and rear lights may need to be mounted. In some cases, some adjustments may have to be made to get the trunk lid open. The HS-X Box Transport Box cannot damage the vehicle when mounted correctly.



Technical Details

Sea-resistant aluminum or fiberglass
(interior measurements)
HS-XBox-120 = L1150 x W340 x H380mm 
HS-XBox-180 = L1730 x W330 x H380mm 
HS-XBox-200 = L2000 x W450 x H450mm
HS-XBox-210 = L2100 x W450 x H450mm
HS-XBOX-190GF = L1900 x W480 x H480mm
HS-XBox-120  = Weight: 16 kg
HS-XBox-180 = Weight: 20 kg
HS-XBox-200 =  Weight: 28kg
HS-XBox-210 =  Weight: 29kg
Warranty 2 years

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HS-XBOX - Transportboks - Tesla Model Y - 200cm - Elbilgrossisten

HS-X Box Transport Box for Trailer Hitch / Hook - Alternative to Roof Box

13.500 kr