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HS-XBox - Sign holder w/ light and interior light



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Product information

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  • Can be mounted on all variants of HS-XBOX
  • Mandatory when the transport box covers the number plate on the car
  • Mounting license plate lights on your HS-XBox on the box
  • Includes an interior light with switch on the inside of the box

Sign plate upgrade for your HS-XBOX

With a license plate, upgrading to your HS-XBox is mandatory if the transport box should, contrary to expectations, cover the license plate number of your car.

HS-XBOX transport box for hanger / hook makes it very practical and easy to transport objects such as:

  • Skis and poles
  • Travel bags
  • Holiday equipment
  • Leisure equipment
  • Golf equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Hunting proceeds / hunting equipment
  • Tools
  • And much more

The transport box can be mounted on all types of cars with a trailer hitch and is a good replacement for a ski box on the roof. You don't have to climb into the car to pack and transport your things. And the same transport box can be used on all types of vehicles with towbars.

Note that the interior light only works when the parking light is switched on, and the switch inside the box must be switched on.

Technical details

Led lights
1 kg
Warranty 2 years

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HS-XBOX - Skiltplate oppgradering - Elbilgrossisten

HS-XBox - Sign holder w/ light and interior light

2.700 kr