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ITT CANNON — Pigtail charging cable m/ Type 1 & 2 plug — 32A — 1-fas & 3-fas

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Product information

  • One of the markets lightest cables thanks to the use of high quality materials
  • Charging cable with type 2 plug and pig tail (without a plug on the other end)
  • Used in charging stations that require a fixed charging cable
  • Very soft and easy-to-use charging cable even in sub-zero temperatures due to its unique rubber mixture

 Type 1 Type 2 støpsel Mode 3 1-fas 230V 32A 7,4 kW 5 meter lang ladekabel
Charging cable with type 2 plug and pig tail (open end/ without plug on the other end), meant for direct installation in a charging station. This must be performed by an authorized electrician.

The type 1 plug is protected against theft with its double locking system that supports both auto lock*, as well as a secondary locking system using a padlock (not included). The drainage hole in the bottom of the charging gun/plug eliminates the plug from freezing and has a patterned handle for better grip.

The type 2 plug supports auto-lock and is locked to the car during charging, preventing any possible accidental interruption.

The charging cable has been tested in various climates while staying soft and easy-to-use even in sub-zero temperatures. At the same time it is robust and can tolerate being run over.

*Not all cars have type 1. have an automatic locking mechanism, but the plug can also lock via a padlock.
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According to regulations on electrical equipment §13, we are obliged to inform our customers that all electrical equipment intended to be part of a fixed electrical installation can only be installed by an authorized and registered installation company installasjonsvirksomhet.

Use ladeguiden (our charging guide) if you are unsure if this product suits your plug-in hybrid or electric car.

Technical Details

Cable Length 5 / 8 meters
Number of Phases
Amperage 32A (up to 7,4kW)
3G6mm² — 2P + PE and 1x 0,5mm² CP
5G6mm² — 3P + N + PE and 1x 0,5mm² CP
Color Black
Operating Voltage 250V
Mechanically Tested >10 000 charging cycles
Power Plug Directly installed in the charging station
Charging Plug
Type 1 (J1772) / Type 2 (IEC 62196)
Operating Temperature
-25°C - 40°C 
Protection Class
IP44 (when it is connected to the car)
2,8 kg (5m)
CE, UL, ETL, IEC 62196-1 and IEC62196-2
3 years

Questions and Answers

What type of Cable is this?
This is a cable that must be installed by an authorized electrician. It is to be installed directly into your charging station. If you have, for example, a charging station with a fixed charging cable with a type 1 plug and need to change this to a type 2/ or vice versa, then this is your solution.

Which amperage of the charging cable should I choose? 32A or 16A?
Generally speaking, we would recommend a 32A charging cable as this is more forward-looking if you choose to change your electric car or plug-in hybrid at a later time.

Will a 32A charging cable work with 16A charging stations and cars with a maximum 16A charger in the car?
Yes, it is backwards compatible and a 32A charging cable will work with 16A charging stations. Cars with maximum 16A on-board charger will also work with a 32A charging cable, but will only charge with maximum 16A.



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3 års garanti
ITT CANNON Pigtail ladekabel - 32A/1-fase - Type 2

ITT CANNON — Pigtail charging cable m/ Type 1 & 2 plug — 32A — 1-fas & 3-fas

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