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Noratel Transformer — Isolation Transformer / Insulating Transformer

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Product Information

  • Isolation transformer for transition from IT to TN-S network
  • Low inrush current that can be secured with rated current
  • Perfect for cars that require a TN network
  • Creates an entirely new power grid without any ground faults or similar issues

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    Noratel transformers are constructed with carefully selected materials and produced with great precision. This ensures a very efficient transformer construction that combines low current losses and low inrush current without the use of external components. Easily connected to rated current and starts without issues with a standard fuse with Type C characteristics without the need for secondary fusing.

    Noratel's isolation transformer is a solution for charging on the Norwegian IT grid for Renault ZOE owners, Nissan Townstar, and other cars that require a TN power grid. The transformer creates a new local stable power grid by connecting one output with the protective earth, which will act like a neutral conductor. Thus, one can connect to a charging station and charge their Renault ZOE. With such galvanic isolation, any charging cable can be connected for charging.


    The advantages of Noratel include:

      • Low inrush current
        • Secured with rated current
        • Maximum utilization of the existing power circuit
        • Better balancing of the power grid
        • Reduced installation costs - thinner cables and smaller fuses
      • 100% transformer construction
        • No electrical components
        • Galvanic isolation - eliminates ground faults
        • Long lifespan
      • Flexible solution
        • Placement friendly - can be hung on the wall
        • No need for secondary fusing - the primary fuse is overload protection


      Noratel's transformer is standardly delivered in an IP20 enclosure and the following sizes:


      Primary Fuse  Transformer Power Output Current Charging Power Data Sheet
      16A / 230V / single-phase 3.6 kVa 16A / 230V / single-phase 3.7 kW English Charge Amps SPARK User Manual



      Noratel isolation transformer - Dimension sketch - 3.6 kVa - Elbilgrossisten


      Please contact us if you require a higher degree of enclosure (IP) for the transformer for outdoor use, or if you need a larger transformer.

      This is a custom order item that is normally delivered within 1-2 weeks.



      Technical Details

      Width 400 (H) x 368 (W) x 130 (D) mm
      Input 230V
      Output 230V
      Frequency 50/60Hz
      Current 16A
      Maximum Power 3.7 kW
      Enclosure Aluminum
      Soft Start Yes
      Operating Temperature -20°C to 40°C
      Transformer Type Toroidal (quiet and lightweight)
      Humidity Max 95%, non-condensing
      Protection Class IP20
      Manufactured Norway
      Weight 35
      Warranty 5 years



       Installation and User Manual

       English Charge Amps SPARK User Manual 



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      Noratel skilletrafo - 3,6 kVa - 3-080-000786 - Elbilgrossisten

      Noratel Transformer — Isolation Transformer / Insulating Transformer

      25.990 kr