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Type 2 to CEE (Industry Contact) Adapter- 16A & 32A/ 3-phase 400V

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Product Information

  • Enables charging from mode 3 charging stations with a normal socket
  • Supplied with a switch that sends a ¨stop¨ signaland releases the type 2 plug from the charging station        
  • Suitable for extracting power from charging boxes for tools and other equipment.
  • Protective cover- prevents dust and dirt from getting into the type 2 plug while in storage.

Charging adapter transition from type 2 (Mennekes) to industrial socket (416-6 / 432-6) for older electrical cars, moped car and the like that can only be charged from a normal socket (mode 1). Also practical if you have only one type 2 contact and want to connect to a work tool, like, for example, a vacuum cleaner. If you have an electric vehicle with type 1 or type 2 charging connector, mode 3 ladekabler (mode 3 charging cables) must be used.


NOTE! Charging stations normally lock the type 2 plug while charging and in order to release the plug from the charging station- a stop signal must be sent. The switch does this so that you don't have to switch off the power to the charging station to remove the adapter.


Attention! The use of  32A variant should only be done at charging stations that tolerate 32A. This is a made-to-order item and has approx. 2 week delivery time. 


Technical Details

Cable Length
0,5 meters
Number of Phases
1 / 3
Current Strength
16A / 32A
Operating Voltage
250VAC, 50-60Hz
Cable Type
16A — 5G2,5mm2 + 1x0,5mm2
32A — 5G6mm2 + 1x0,5mm2
Power Plug
Type 2
Charging Plug
16A CEE 416-6 (female)
32A CEE 432-6 (female)
Operating Temperature
-15°C to 75°C
Protection Class
IP44 connected to the car
1050 grams
2 years


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Type 2 til CEE (416-6) / (432-6)

Type 2 to CEE (Industry Contact) Adapter- 16A & 32A/ 3-phase 400V

3.999 kr