Charging guide: Charging an electric car abroad - France

The charging guide - Charging abroad - France - Electric car wholesaler

Sockets in France

Voltage: 230V

Frequency: 50Hz
Type C socket - Electric car wholesaler Type E socket - Electric car wholesaler

Recommended charging cables / adapters

It is recommended to have a mode 3 charging cable to charge from public charging stations and a mode 2 charging cable to a normal household socket (schuko) when travelling. France has two types of sockets, Type C (without earth) and Type E with earth pin (at 12 o'clock). When using Type E, charging cable with Schuko plug Type F with extra pin holes fit. ATTENTION! France is one of the few countries that uses Type 3C contact at public charging points. You must therefore have your own charging cable from Type 3C to Type 1/2 to charge from these, but check in advance whether the charging points you intend to use have a type 2 connector so that you don't have to buy an extra charging cable. If you drive a Tesla a CHAdeMO adapter can be handy to have. Note that many charging cables test for grounding before charging starts (for safety reasons) and a lack of grounding can cause the charging cable to refuse to start charging.

Charging tips


    • Public charging stations are easiest to find on, which provides the most up-to-date information. You can order charging cards and they have an app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

  • Charging card for fast chargers

    • It is recommended to order charging cards from Corri-door and Kiwhi to gain access to fast chargers (CHAdeMO/CCS) and Type 2 charging stations throughout the country. NB! Follow the explicit information that applies to foreign nationals when ordering your charge card.

    • Charging app

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