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Park Solar w/ solar cell technology — Parking clock

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Product Information

  • Parking meter with solar cell technology- no need to change the battery*
  • Sets the arrival time automatically- you don't have to set the clock
  • Set summer/ winter time yourself
  • Simple and quick assembly- including adhesive pads

Park Solar Digital Classic is developed in collaboration with Danish designers and engineers. The parking meter registers the time of parking and is supplied with electricity using integrated solar cell technology. Park Solar is a parking clock with the latest technology and consists of functional and aesthetic qualities that you cannot find with other traditional parking discs.

The Park Solar disc is activated shortly after the car is parked, and will automatically set the parking time itself. The Park Solar detects when the car is moving again and will, thus, deactivate it's parking mode. The solar cell technology and the automatic activation means that you never have to worry about battery replacement during the life of the product, or have to remember to set the parking clock when parked. It is, of course, possible to set the time manually, if desired. If the battery should unexpectedly reach a critically low level, an acoustic alarm is built in to notify you.

Installation is very easy as it comes with pre-attached adhesive pads. Thus, you only need to wash the pane with the supplied wet wipe and then proceed to clamp it in place.

It is styled in a classic design language, referring to the quality-conscious consumer- who appreciates functionality and aesthetics in everyday life.

If you drive and electric vehicle and want to park for free in public spaces subject to a fee, a parking disc or other device is required in order to show when the vehicle was parked, cf. FOR 2005-10-07 nr.1219. (Regulations on traffic signs, etc.)

Parking rules for electric and hydrogen-powered motor vehicles from 01.01.2017

From 01.01.2017 it will be up to each municipality to introduce payment exemptions for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, cf. Regulations on conditional parking for the general public and enforcement of private parking regulations (parking regulations) § 34.

According to § 34 the municipalities can introduce payment exemptions for electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles in municipal parking lots subject to a fee. This means that, as a general rule, electric and hydrogen-powered cars must pay parking fees in the same way as fossil-powered cars, unless the relevant municipality decides on a payment exemption. Trykk her for å se en oversikt over de ulike kommunene. (Click here to see an overview of the various municipalities)

In most municipalities, free parking for electric cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles will be time-limited, and there will be a requirement to document the time of arrival.

*The battery life lasts approx. 5 years without solar energy and the battery has an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Technical Details

Model Park Solar w/ solar cell technology
Characteristics Charges using sunlight
Functions Option for manual setting of P-time. Switches automatically between summer and winter time
Sensor G-Sensor technology
Installation Easy installation using adhesive pads (included)
Solar cells expected life time
20 years
Clock accuracy (avg) ± 1min/ 1 year
Reaction time (in parking mode)
Ca. 20 seconds
Reaction time (out of parking mode)
Ca. 20 seconds
Measurements 104mm x 18mm
Operating Temperature
>-20°C - <70°C 
122g net / 232 g gross
Certifications FS20
2 years


Questions and Answers

Park Solar does not set the parking time correctly, what could be wrong? The clock/ watch may be incorrectly set. It is important that you set it correctly, including the date, otherwise this could lead to it showing the wrong parking time and when automatically switching between summer and winter time. You set the clock and day by holding down the SET button for a few seconds and selecting it with +/- features.

My car has a UV-protected window shield (thermal windscreen). Will this affect the function of the parking meter? No, this will not affect the parking meter and will work both in parking garages and between high buildings.

Yes, the use of electronic parking meters is well known by the Norwegian Environmental Agency. At the same time, it is approved by the "Public Transport Authority" with reference number such as FS13 and FS20 as shown on the front of the parking meter itself.

Can my Park Solar be removed and moved to another car? Yes, that should not be a problem. We recommend that the original Park Solar self-adhesive pads are used. At the same time, it is important that all the cushions are in contact with the window for optimal function when the parking meter is moved. Furthermore, it is important to thoroughly clean and degrease the windshield before installation. Dismantling the parking meter is easiest with a hobby knife that has a blade.

How does Park Solar work? The parking meter is automatically activated shortly after you have parked the car (about 20 seconds). It will also automatically show the parking time, rounding up to the nearest quarter of an hour (15 minutes). It is, of course, possible to set the parking time manually if needed.

Does Park Solar work on all types of vehicles. Yes, the parking meter works on all types of vehicles, including hybrid and electric cars.

How long does the battery last in the parking meter? The battery should work for the lifetime of the product. According to our calculations, the battery will last approx. for 5 years without the supply of solar energy. When solar energy is added, the parking meter will likely last for many more years.

How does the Park Solar react to hot and cold temperatures?
The product has been tested and works flawlessly at temperatures of >-20°C - <+70°C.

Small air bubbles under the adhesive pads are visible after mounting the P-disc. Why?
If all grease and markings have not been removed from inside of the window, or if there is a lot of dust in the air at the time of installation, small irregularities/bubbles may occur under the adhesive pads.

Can I use my Park Solar out of country?
As Park Solar is an approved parking disc with integrated solar cell technology, it can be legally used throughout the EU.

What do I do if the parking meter shows an "E" on the display?
Please contact us with a receipt for the purchase.

Is there a users manual for Park Solar?
Yes, you can find it here (her).


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Park Solar w/ solar cell technology — Parking clock

Park Solar w/ solar cell technology — Parking clock

499 kr