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TSLA Floor Mats TMY

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Product Information

  • Laser cut floor mats- perfect fit for the Tesla Model Y
  • 3 layer design- waterproof, comfortable to use and anti-slip system
  • Effectively protects against dirt, snow, oil/grease
  • Raised edges- can hold large amounts of water/ spills

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    Unlike traditional floor mats with a rubbery appearance, TSLA TMY floor mats have a unique 3 layer structure. This three dimensional design and laser cut floor mat provides a perfect fit for your Tesla Model Y. Made of non-toxic, odorless and  environmentally friendly materials. Fits Tesla Model Y 5 seater.  

    High edges on the mats ensures they will hold dirst in place, and are perfect for Norwegian conditions with a lot of snow, slush, rain, and mud.


    TSLA Floor Mats - Gulvmatter - Gummimatter - Tesla Model 3 - Elbilgrossisten

    All weather mats
    There is no need to worry that water or spills of any sort will damage the floor. These waterproof mat's surface effectively repels water, mud and other dirt, making them effortless to keep clean. Simply rinse off with water or dry off with a rag.


    Karbonfiber tekstur - Allværsmatte - Gulvmatte - Gummimatte - Gulvbeskyttelse - Tesla Model 3 - Elbilgrossisten


    Full set contains:

    1x Floor mat to front driver's seat
    1x Floor mat to front passenger seat 
    1x Floor mat to back seat


    Attention! The mats in the back seat come packed flat and may have a "crack"- this will go away over time. It will help to lay them on a flat warm surface.


    Technical Details

    Number of Mats
    3 pcs (front, passenger and back seat)
    Material Plastic, rubber, foam
    2 years


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    TSLA Floor Mats - TMY - Tesla Model Y - Top - Gulvmatte - Kupematte - Gummimatte - Elbilgrossisten

    TSLA Floor Mats TMY

    2.495 kr1.995 kr