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TSLA Screen protector - Screen Protector for Tesla Model S / X



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Product Information

  • High quality tempered glass (9H surface hardness) with HD transparency
  • Ultra thin protection (33mm) which does not affect the use or sensitivity
  • Resistant to scratches, fingerprints and reflections
  • Coating that makes it easy to keep clean- wipe with the supplied cloth

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    If you want extra screen protection for the Tesla Model S and Model X 17" screen, then the TSLA Screen protector is the first choice. The protection provides excellent protection against scratches, fingerprints and UV light. It is made of tempered glass and works well with polarized sunglasses, reducing reflective glare at night.

    Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes

    1) Wipe the screen thoroughly with the wet wipe provided and then wipe with the dry cloth
    2) Take out the screen protector and adjust the straight side up and the circular side facing down
    3) Use a credit card or similar to press the protection into place from top to bottom from the middle outward, working towards the edges.

    The package contains:

    1x Screen protector
    2x Stickers for removing dust/ debris
    1x Disposable washcloth
    1x Micro Fiber washcloth


    Technical Details

    Number 1 pc
    Color Transparent
    Material Tempered glass
    Package Dimensions
    41x 29 x 6 cm (L x W x H)
    36,5 x 22,7 x 0,25 cm (L x W x H)
    Thickness 3,3 cm
    Weight 0,511g
    2 years


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    TSLA Screen protector - Screen Protector for Tesla Model S / X

    TSLA Screen protector - Screen Protector for Tesla Model S / X

    299 kr